The Sims 4 Now Lets You Customize Dogs & Cats, New Pet Pack Incoming

The Gamescom 2017 event is underway where console lovers could get their hands on the Sims 4 on both Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

At the Electronic Arts conference, the publisher announced a peculiar yet a fun game pack for your favorite pet.

Whenever a new stuff, game pack or expansion launches on the Sims 4, it’s fun time for all long-time gamers and those who can’t get enough customization options within this amazingly brilliant title. EA made the announcement during their Gamescom 2017 conference and confirmed that it will be an expansion pack because of the huge amount of customization options available within. However, considering the fact that it caters more on colors, costumes and changes made to cats & dogs, it wouldn’t hurt if you would just identify it as a simple game pack.

An official trailer was also released on Youtube giving players a quick overview of what to expect in it. It is the first of its kind in the Sims series as there had never been a pack solely dedicated to pets. Recently, EA and Maxis announced the Toddler’s stuff/game pack in which you get multiple outdoor game setups for toddlers. The pack is about to hit stores in a day or so making it fun for the young ones.

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After focusing a lot on the adults, it seems developers at Maxis are now focusing on those other aspects that would provide a complete gaming experience. Apart from this, the pack also brings in a new veterinarian occupation. Players can choose to become a vet and run an entire business around it by building it from the ground up.Brand new locales including coastal harbor locale, Brindleton Bay and a lot of activities to keep the pets busy will also be introduced in these locales.

The Sims 4 Customize Dogs

Players can even choose to pick a stray dog or cat in these areas so that they could turn them into their own pets. Going by the large number of content being introduced in the new expansion pack, it is supposed to be expensive than other packs. However, Electronic Arts and Maxis didn’t comment on it during the Gamescome 2017 event. But, they did confirm that the Cats & Dogs pack will be available for both the Windows and Mac platforms is launching on November 10th.

More updates on the console version of the Sims 4 is expected once Gamescom ends.

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