Titanfall 2 Lets You Dress Up Titans with Paid Skins, New DLC Incoming

Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment went out of the conventional way to introduce free DLC in Titanfall 2 for the first time.

The game is an Electronic Arts published title and the announcement came as a surprise, as Battlefield series is known for forcing buyers to pay $60 for a bunch of maps and additional weapons.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is in Origin by EA but it is monitored and developed by Respawn. The team seems to have good control over their creative property. The first game lost its sheen in a couple of months because it had paid DLCs and most weren’t interested in purchasing them for a brand new first person shooter. The multiplayer servers were abandoned much earlier than what the developers assumed. Towards the end of its lifecycle, Respawn handed out all DLCs for free and it still didn’t work out.

Learning from their mistakes, the developer team has gone with free DLCs but opened up a new skin store for Titanfall 2. Angel City’s Most Wanted is the first DLC with a brand new map, new weapons and other kits to explore. It is a remake of the most popular map from the original Titanfall. The new skin store is similar to the one found in the popular MOBA, Dota 2. When you purchase them, you help the developer make money and enjoy uniqueness for your titans. However, they don’t add any value to the gameplay so as to keep multiplayer matches balanced at all times.

Players use their cards to pay and acquire those skins. There is no confusion in this regard. Respawn has confirmed to not launch any loot boxes or in-game currencies to acquire these items. Instead, they just pay as they do in few other games. The developer team surely deserves the credit for putting an end to paid DLCs in one of the top AAA titles. They are handing it for free to gamers, a sure shot way to keep Titanfall 2 happening for another two years or so. Paying for skins upfront is better because you don’t have to spend hours completing objectives to get loot boxes which saves gamers from those annoying hours.

Titanfall 2 New DLC

Angel City’s Most Wanted is the first of many DLCs on Titanfall 2. The game’s next set of new maps, content and kits are scheduled to get launched in 2017. It will be periodically rolled out every three months or so to keep gamers interested in this fast paced, first person shooter.

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