Top 5 Free Android Office Apps for Using on Your Phone

Free Android Office apps

With many companies such as Google and Microsoft turning to productivity as a way of generating more income for their rather free offerings, there are still quite a number of apps that you can still find out there for free use on Android devices.

Whether you want to create some notes on a document, spreadsheet or even create a presentation, there are plenty of free Android office apps for use out there, all of which will deliver the best you can ever want in a free application. In essence, an office suite wouldn’t be complete without the aforementioned abilities, would it?

Despite this, the office environment keeps changing each passing day and in order to keep up with the changes, developers of office suits have gotten better at their jobs and here’s a highlight of what they have been doing.

Free Office

One of the few Android office apps available for free download is Free Office. As the name suggests, no pay is needed to use the app. The suite comes with Presentations, PlanMaker and TextMaker apps. In case you didn’t know, these are just “nicknames” for the likes of word presentations, spreadsheet, and word processor, respectively.

The Free Office suite is equipped with support for MS Office files, PDF files, as well as OpenType and TrueType fonts.

Google Drive

Another one from Google’s line is the Google Drive. It comes with a complete suite of office apps that include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, PDF Viewer and Google Drive itself for storing files. As long as you have the document inside Drive, opening it will automatically be opened in the right app.

Free Android Office apps

The good side of the story is that Google Drive is totally free. However, you may have to pay extra cash in case you need additional storage than the free 15GB offered.

Smart Office 2

Available as a free to download app, Smart Office 2 also comes with a premium version. However, the base version is still worth trying thanks to the fact that it comes with all the basics you can want to have in an office suite. There is support for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, as well as support for MS Office files from the 2013 version.

Smart Office 2 is also suitable for viewing and saving PDF files, WMF, and EMF files as well as some image files. You will enjoy the simple, clean interface of the app in addition to the experience it offers.


Another of the few free Android office apps available for download on Android devices is known as Quip. Although it has a small feature set, they are decent than what most free office suites offer. One notable feature of Quip is the ability to let users collaborate on documents with others. You will also get a chat service that can be used when you want to share a message with someone you are probably working with on a project.

Other than these, Quip will also allow Android users enjoy a full spreadsheet experience, offline support, cross-device synchronization as well as ability to export various file types to the platform. Quip also offers Android users with cloud storage services, something you won’t find on quite a number of free office suites.

WPS Office and PDF

WPS Office and PDF was renamed from Kingsoft Office and to be honest, it is one of the most popular free Android office apps you can find right now. Whether you want to view or convert PDF files, create documents, presentations or spreadsheets, WPS Office and PDF will be at your service. It gets even better for the suite as it includes support for wireless printing, MS Office files as well as support for up to 46 languages.

Free Android Office apps

One thing that makes users shy away from the free to use WPS Office and PDF office suite is the fact that it comes with ads, yet there is no option of paying to stop seeing the ads.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google is associated with lots of free applications – Chrome Remote Desktop is no exception. However, this application is unique in its own doing. Unlike the rest of the listed suites that come in as free Android office apps, what Chrome Remote Desktop app does is to allow Android users remotely access their desktops and use them as they would normally do, but from their phones. For those with tablets, this app will do you good than harm. The application lets you bypass the need to download and install any of the Android office apps listed above on your phone or tablet by giving you remote access to the MS Office suite installed on your PC.

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