Twitter Launches a New Video App for Apple TV, Xbox One, and Amazon Fire TV


Twitter is all about what is happening right now around the world.

From breaking news to sports, and from entertainment to politics, it is all happening first on Twitter. It is available in more than 40 languages around the globe, which gives it global access.


Twitter just got more immersive into its video services by announcing a new app that will here forth offer absolutely free content for the world’s major streaming TV services. The new app will be available for Apple TV, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and for Amazon Fire TV. The apps for the TV devices were made available from Wednesday to a few selected markets from around the world.

Anyone with these devices will be able to get the news content from Twitter’s partners in the media field. This will also include Bloomberg News, 10 National Football League games, MLB Advanced media, Pac 12 Networks, NBA, Cheddar, and Campus Insiders.

The top content like important tweets or videos can also be viewed on Twitter by using applications like Periscope or Vine. Twitter announced that the new app will allow watching the news bits irrespective of whether the user has an active Twitter account or pay TV subscription. For Apple TV alone, the viewers can exclusively watch live premium videos and also check the video clips that have been tweeted simultaneously through a flawless side-by-side video experience.

The chief financial officer of the company reported that these TV devices will make Twitter’s live streaming video services lifelike on the TV screens. It was also reported that Twitter and TV complement each other very well and the fans can now rejoice premium videos along with live tweets and all the amazing content from Twitter right on their TV devices.

Video App

Availability of the Twitter Video App

Twitter Video app for Apple TV is available globally and can be downloaded via the App Store for 4th generation Apple TV series. The app for Xbox One will be available only in certain countries as of now which include the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. The app for Amazon Fire TV and for Fire TV Stick is available right now only in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The apps are available for access and download at their relevant app stores. People will not need any Twitter account or a cable or a satellite subscription to access the news streams in HD quality.

Recent Updates from Twitter

Recently Twitter had said that it would offer its users video programs from around the world that are live-streamed from various areas of interest like the business, finance market, media, and technology so that it can broaden its audience network and also let the users tweet instantly about their opinions about live happenings. This latest service of broadcasting live news programs will be a result of the company’s integration with Cheddar, a popular live, web-focused and on-demand video news streaming network.

Twitter Video app

These updates come at a time when Twitter is struggling to keep pace with the other faster growing social networking sites. It definitely needs to expand its skeleton of users and make more profits, and with the new updates rolling out soon Twitter already seems to be back on the track.

Even last week there were reports making the rounds about the company’s board which is considering different ways of cost cutting, to ramp up the revenue and it was also planning on probably selling itself or properties like Fabric, a mobile application building service or Vine, a video snippet sharing platform.

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