Twitter Makes Changes to its Timeline, Disables New Feature by Default


Twitter has finally made the official change that many have been whining about for quite some time now.

Something that led to the generation of the trending hashtag #RIPTwitter, it turns out that some users might never get to feel the difference.

This is true because Twitter has introduced the feature that rearranges the way things look on your timeline, but rather than activate it, the company has disabled it by default. This is to allow users the liberty of choosing whether to employ the algorithm or not; something the company thinks will work magic as far as convincing users that this is the right way. Alternatively, Twitter might just be buying some time before it finally makes the feature a default setting in a rather sneaky way.

As noted earlier, there was really nothing to worry about. All the fuss that dominated Twitter a day ago was for no reason at all. With the new feature, Twitter users will be able to view the tweets that the algorithm thinks are important right at the top of the rest or timeline. The tweets will be recent but shown in reverse chronological order. For the rest of the tweets, you can find them just underneath the initial group, again in reverse chronological order. To refresh everything, simply pull the page.

New feature available via app’s settings

As mentioned earlier, Twitter has chosen to activate the feature but hide it under the settings of the app. This means that users have the choice to turn it on and off at any given moment they feel like. Unless the feature is activated, users will not realize any changes from the way things worked previously.


During the tests, the company discovered that the feature encouraged users to send out new tweets while at the same time retweeting older ones.

Ever since CEO Jack Dorsey came into power, he has been emphasizing in the fact that the company will make changes and improvements to the platform based on the feedback they receive from users. As a result, the said changes will, first of all, go through initial tests while the company collects feedback regarding the take of users on the feature. Once this is done, we might get to see it in the settings page within weeks.

To test this new algorithm, simply launch the application and head to the settings page. Once there, select “Show me the best Tweets first” and that’s it. To send Twitter your comments and feedback about the new algorithm, use this link.


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