Twitter Makes Use of AI to Crop Photos in a Better Way


Twitter is making use of artificial intelligence and bots to offer a more streamlined experience for their users.

The company will soon implement AI so that it automatically finds the best way to crop photos and post them online.

Ever since the beginning of time, Twitter allowed users to upload photos to their website because their character limit is very constrained and it is difficult to express a news or convey a message unless photos are used. However, it does pose some issues when cropping them displaying them in the right manner on a desktop, smartphone or tablet so that users are inclined to click on the content.

Twitter Makes Use of AI to Crop Photos

The persistent problem with cropping is that it often crops faces, photos and products at all the wrong places leading to improper preview images. Such bad cropping makes even the best photographs look bad and people who are scrolling through thousands of tweets daily will hardly feel like interacting with the website if the preview looks so wrong.

The development team at Twitter is about to bring the AI which will automatically detect the content found on these photos and crop them in a much smarter manner. The idea is to identify people’s faces, places and the shape or size of a product or gadget displayed in the photograph to crop it so that it doesn’t look misplaced in the preview.

Twitter Makes Use of AI to Crop Photos in a Better Way

After the concept is rolled out, it will allow the AI to properly crop in the center of the image so that nothing important is left out. Besides, it will also help in ensuring interesting preview images are shown on the Twitter feed. They are also building a neural network which will operate as a smaller version on the website while the majority of the work will be done by powerful neural networks on the backend. They will take all the efficiency they need from their backend servers.

Twitter is still working on implementing the AI in their website as well as the iOS and the Android version of the app. They will make an official announcement once the process is complete. From a user perspective, it should be easy to predict once the AI gets into work because majority of the posts that you see in the preview will have a much better cropped image. Google Search uses similar AI to decode images and Twitter is about to implement a similar technology.

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