Twitter Mitigates the 140-Character Limit for Its Tweets

Twitter Mitigates the 140-Character Limit

The past decade saw Tweets emerge from a simple 140-character text message to a plush portrait for expressing creativeness through photos, videos, Vines, hashtags etc.

And now Twitter has planned of easing the 140-character limit for its Tweets to help you express even more in the given text brim. So now you can add more data like media attachments, links etc. without having to worry about the character restriction. The recently added features include “react” quickly and smartly using GIF’s, poll your community, share and savor Periscope broadcasts in the Tweets.

So there is already a lot to do in a Tweet, but Twitter is ensuring that you can do even more. The coming months will be seeing a lot of changes to make tweeting easier. This implies that the @names in the tweets and replies and data attachments files like photos, videos, polls, and GIFs will no longer use up the valuable character limit.


Here is what to expect in the new upcoming changes:

  1. No more name counting: Till now the Tweets had @names in the replies also counted in the 140-character text limit. But not anymore! This will save a few more characters and will help in making the conversation a little more straight-forward without having to get skimpy about the words.
  2. Attachments give way to words: Earlier the media attachments were also expressed in the 140-character limit. But now you can attach photos, videos, GIFs, polls, quote tweets and all these will not be considered as characters in your Tweet. So you get more room for words!
  3. Quote or Retweet yourself: Twitter claims that it will enable the Retweet button for your tweets. So now when you come across something interesting, it is easy for you to Quote your Tweet or to Retweet it all by yourself. This feature comes handily, especially when you think some real good information went unnoticed.
  4. Forget the “@” : People used the “@” act to broadcast their Tweets with their username. But now you will not have to do that anymore. You simply have to Retweet it to a signal to which you intend the tweet to be viewed. These changes are in probably to help in making the rules simple and easier which start with a username. So now the Tweets which start with a username will directly be delivered to all your followers.

These new features should hit the shelves in the upcoming months and the developers have been given the necessary baggage to implement the updates as soon as possible. These efforts from Twitter are to maximize the user base and to improve the quality of tweets. Along with the listed changes, Twitter even plans to offer more updates and is exploring new ways to make the already existing features even more useful and interesting. And all this without having to compromise on the already existing exclusive concision and curtness that makes Twitter one of the best social networking places for conversations, connections and for live commentary.

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