Twitter Redesigns Its Android App on the Footsteps of Material Design Directive

Twitter Connecting with the Brands

The world seems to be keeping a note of every small thing that is happening at every corner via the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

Twitter is the most popular social networking sites with more than half of the world’s population involved in Tweeting their every action. Every day so many millions of people are using Twitter on the Android platform to be connected in live with the world. And so Twitter does look out to put forward new updates and changes to make tweeting a better experience to its users. The latest update from Twitter is that the company has redesigned and rolled out its Android app following the guidelines of Google’s Material Design protocol.

This Material Design guideline includes making use of layouts that are grid-based, animations that can interact and be responsive, padding and 3D depth effects like shadows and lighting.

Here is what the newly redesigned App does

The new revamped Android app is now divided into 4 tabs. These 4 tabs include Home, Notifications, Moments, and Messages. The users can move in between these tabs by just tapping on the respective icons which are present at the top of the screen. Or the users can also swipe horizontally to switch over to the other tabs. New tweets can be now composed by using a newly added floating action bar. A side menu will be revealed when the users will drag across the left-hand edge. This menu will give options for all the shortcuts to the user’s Twitter profile, lists, and all the Twitter highlights. There is a drop-down arrow icon that is present at the top of the menu listing, which will help the users to switch in between different Twitter accounts.

twitter app material design

There have been reports where Twitter claims to roll out the new refreshed Twitter app for the Android platform on Wednesday. It should be available to the users probably after an app update.

Twitter’s officials had announced in a blog post on Tuesday that the company is looking forward to introducing a new look and a give a better feel to Twitter for the Android based users. They also reportedly said that the redesigned app will be aligned with the best of the Android domain.

Twitter has announced that its consumer product head Jeff Seibert is all set to change now. Jeff Siebert, who had co-founded Crashlytics, a crash reporting solution, had taken over the company’s most important product team in last September and is now all ready to go back to bossing over Twitter’s developer product suite Fabric. According to a media report, Seibert was running the developer product suite of Twitter before he was promoted in the fall.

Twitter has not yet found someone to replace Seibert’s role permanently.  Reports claim that the company is planning to offer this role and responsibility to Ed Ho, who is a senior engineering director and has been working with Twitter for the past two years. However, this replacement shall be only a provisional one to currently fill in the role.

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