Universal Facebook Beta App for Windows 10 Rolls Out

Facebook Beta for Windows 10

Microsoft-owned Windows Phone OS is one of the platforms with very few applications as compared to the likes of Android and iOS.

In order to ensure that users of the new Windows 10 Mobile get access to more apps, Microsoft has gone ahead to allow developers to come in with universal apps that can be supported on both PCs and mobile devices without any alterations. Facebook is the latest company to take advantage of this program by coming in with a universal Facebook app that can be used on all devices using Windows 10.

The latest Facebook beta app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile is already available via the platform’s official app store. However, the application is still in its infant stages, meaning a stable release will be coming very soon. Of course, the Windows Store already had a Facebook app for Windows Phone, but this app was created by Microsoft and not Facebook. As for the latest beta app, it is the doing of Facebook thanks to the power of Universal Windows apps program. Microsoft had jumped to the rescue of Facebook just so as to ensure that there is continuity like in the case of Android and iOS.

Facebook Beta for Windows 10

Now that Facebook has made this move, it seems Windows 10 Mobile is headed for better. However, it may also be as a result of the ease brought in by the Windows OS maker’s Universal Windows App since the social networking giant had already presented the world with a Facebook beta app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets back in April this year. The release of the Facebook beta was also followed by the release of Instagram beta for Windows 10 Mobile and Facebook Messenger beta for Windows 10 tablets and PCs.

Facebook is the leading social networking company with a following of more than 1.65 billion people from all over the world. The company also happens to own Instagram, Facebook Messenger as well as WhatsApp, all of which have massive followings in the social media realm. With this move to avail its services to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users, it is only but creating more room for growth.

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