Unlock the full potential of HTC U11 Edge Sense with this amazing Android app


When it comes to innovation, HTC U11 is one of the leading smartphones in the current market right now.

You will enjoy the Liquid Surface design that gives the phone a two-tone color scheme depending on the angle in which it is held, but it is the Edge Sense feature that takes the HTC U11 to the next level, far ahead of the Edge display feature on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

At launch, many were quick to note that the HTC U11 Edge Sense feature is another of the many gimmicks that smartphone OEMs are coming in with lately just so as to lure customers into buying their phones. If you are among those who labeled this feature as a mere gimmick, well, you will be forgiven for falling on the wrong side of the divide.

As it stands, many current HTC U11 users are actually enjoying the fact that they can squeeze the hell out of this phone in order to execute a good number of functionalities. It’s indeed a cute and convenient way of doing things, if you ask me, which is why one developer is already taking the feature’s functionality to the next level with a new app dubbed Edge Sense Plus.

The new HTC U11 Edge Sense Plus app is here to open the full potential of the squeezable frames. At the moment, the default Edge Sense is already offering a number of options as far as performing different tasks is concerned, however, this app wants to take the squeeze to a whole new level. In addition to short and long squeezes, you will now be able to take advantage of many other ways of interacting with your phone’s edges when compared to the default version.

For instance, you can now use the double squeeze gesture, which adds a third way of applying pressure to the HTC U11 in a bid to perform different actions. It’s also possible to customize these squeezes such that they result in several actions depending on whether the phone is being held upright in your hand or maybe lying on a flat surface. It gets even better as the new Edge Sense Plus app lets you add a custom sound to accompany your squeezes.

If you feel like completely remapping the Edge Sense so that it performs a whole new number of tasks, including turning on/off Bluetooth, auto-rotation of the screen or even launching the split screen feature that is part of Android Nougat OS that powers the HTC U11 out of the box, the Edge Sense Plus has your back.

HTC U11 Edge Sense Plus

On the downside, getting the full potential of this app will also mean that your U11 device must be rooted. Of course, there are features that will work without rooting your phone, but things like toggling GPS or NFC will require that you first root the phone. The developer has also promised that more features will be added in future, for instance, the missing ability to capture screenshots, which should be a welcome idea for many owners of the phone.

Another major hurdle you’ll have to jump in order to unlock the full potential of your HTC U11 using this Edge Sense Plus app is paying a small fee for the premium version. Also, the developer notes that the app will work a little slower as compared to the default Edge Sense because it has to wait for input from Edge Sense and process it before executing the needed function. Apparently, there’s no workaround to this issue. Nonetheless, if you are after expanding the capabilities of the HTC U11 Edge Sense, these tiny issues won’t be enough to stop you from trying out the new Edge Sense Plus app on your phone.

You can grab the app right away from the Google Play Store via the link below.


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