Unlocked Samsung Galaxy J3 with GSM/LTE Available on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy J3

The Samsung Galaxy J3 was announced in January 2016 and it is a midrange competitor designed to increase the company’s market share.

Priced competitively, the Galaxy J3 has the capability to offer excellent android user experience at a budget friendly price. In the US markets at least, buyers were disappointed to see the Galaxy J3 initially available only with the likes of Sprint, Virgin Mobile, and Boost Mobile. This meant that US buyers were only able to get their hands on the CDMA version of the Galaxy J3.

It has just become possible for US customers to also think about getting their hands on the GSM version of the Galaxy J3. Available on Amazon, the Galaxy J3 will cost about $189. This is slightly lower than the $192 charged by Sprint for outright purchase without any contracts. The GSM version available on Amazon can be used on AT&T and T-Mobile networks on their LTE bands. The phone is available in three colors, but the gold color is available only with a single SIM slot. The black and white versions of the Galaxy J3 are dual SIM phones.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Screen

The Galaxy J3 is an improvement on the previous midrange phones from the company. It offers a 5-inch screen with 720p resolution. The snapdragon 410 processor is supported by 1.5 GB of RAM. These may look like average specifications on paper, and it may probably explain the reason behind Samsung only offering the android 5.1 OS on the phone. Samsung, however, has announced that the phone is one of the eligible devices to receive the android 6.0 update. A timeframe has not been placed on receiving the update, but several regions across the world have already received the update as OTA pushes.

The rear camera is a five-megapixel shooter while the front camera is two megapixels. Again, users may not be able to compare these specifications with a high-end phone, but they should be good enough to do the job. Despite being a midrange device, users will appreciate the design of the phone. At just 7.9 mm thick, the Galaxy J3 is one of the thinnest phones in the market in this price range.

AT&T will officially start selling the Galaxy J3 with GSM and LTE bands, but this is not expected to take place until the second week of May. Until then, Amazon is the place to get the LTE based Galaxy J3.

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