Unlocked HTC 10 Receives an Essential Update for U.S. Users

HTC 10

HTC 10 is less than a few months into the market and it is already on the list of those devices currently receiving software updates.

Users of this smartphone living in the United States are currently receiving an OTA update for the flagship, but this is only happening for the unlocked version. If you bought the phone from a carrier, say Verizon, you may have to wait longer before receiving this same update. While the phone has not been availed on Sprint and T-Mobile, it will soon be coming to these carriers, and probably more.

The update is about 400MB and it brings the phone’s software version to 1.53.617.5. If anything, this is the same software version number that those units currently based in Europe received just recently. Just like the current U.S. variants, the update was only availed on unlocked variants of the HTC 10.

Improved camera performance

The latest software update for the HTC 10 is essentially meant to be a monthly security update. In it, there are improvements to the phone’s current performance as well as fixes to bugs and errors already being experienced by users.

One important thing the new update brings to the 10 regards the camera. The updated HTC 10 now has improved camera performance as opposed to the initial app. Furthermore, you will experience more stability in terms of Wi-Fi connections whereas the update also brings overall system stability, just like expected from any software update of a similar kind.

HTC 10 Smartphone

If you haven’t received this update yet for your unlocked version of HTC 10, you better check out for the update via the phone’s settings.

In case you didn’t know, the HTC 10 is actually the first international device from the company that comes with a QHD display panel. The screen size is 5.2 inches and the resolution stands at 1440 by 2560 pixels. As for the hardware specs, the 10 features the latest Snapdragon 820 SoC and a RAM of 4GB whereas the camera specs are 12MP for the rear snapper and 4MP UltraPixel front snapper fixed with OIS.

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