Unlocked LG G6 Buyers in the U.S. get a “Coming Soon” Release Date


If you live in the U.S., there’s some good news for you from the LG G6 maker. According to the company’s official website, the unlocked G6 will start selling in the U.S soon.

The unlocked LG G6 has been given the “coming soon” release date on the official U.S. website, but the carrier versions – including those purchased via Best Buy – are already available for pre-order. Amazon and B&H will probably sell the unlocked variant as well, showing by the “coming soon” release date they have also been given. The LG G6 is already selling in South Korea but the phone’s mass shipping in the U.S. will begin on April 7.

A few days ago, we highlighted one of the major reasons why the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 or even LG G6 won’t be available in the U.S. with dual-SIM variants. Apparently, carriers have a lot of power in determining which designs OEMs will use on their phones with respect to SIM connectivity. Similarly, these powerful OEMs have successfully managed to take control of the smartphone market such that they are always given a head start of months to sell their carrier-based models before unlocked models come in.

LG G6 Preorder

Even though the LG G6 has received a “coming soon” release date, it is the above reason that makes us believe this date could still be weeks or months after the release of the G6 in the U.S. this coming month. It is also why LG hasn’t put a specific date to the date, instead preferring to go with something that leaves everyone guessing.

While all major carriers in the U.S. are expected to begin shipping of the LG G6 on April 7, T-Mobile is already throwing around some surprises. Apparently, some of those who made early pre-orders have already received the phone, well ahead of the scheduled shipping date.


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