Unofficial Rumors: BMW to Stop 3 Series Wagon from 2019 


North American, especially the United States, has never been a wagon friendly market as far as the motor industry is concerned.

However, it has not prevented certain manufacturers like BMW offering a few wagons in their lineup. Even they seem to be conceding defeat in the race to sell wagons in North America, as it is rumored that BMW will be pulling the plug on its wagon models – which are largely based on the 3 series platform. The big changes in the BMW lineup will come when the next generation 3 series is introduced in the US.

Customers have had a preference of going for larger crossovers or sedans in favor of wagon models. The availability of options like the BMW 3 series GT, BMW X3, or the 4 Series Gran Coupe makes it harder for the German company to persuade buyers to opt for the wagon model, which is largely perceived as old school in the eyes of many Americans. It should also be noted that BMW will be reducing the options in this price point, as the 4 Series Gran Coupe will be merged with the next generation BMW 3 series GT. The company, though, is yet to make the move official.

bmw-3-series wagon

Even though the United States only has a small percentage of buyers looking for wagon models, they can quench their thirst for such unique variants until 2019. The next generation 3 series is not out until 2018 and it gives plenty of time for those looking for a 3 series wagon. The model recently received an update that brought several cool new features to the vehicle. It makes sense to go for the facelift version, which is expected to remain in the production line until 2019 at the very least.

BMW has not come out with any official wording about stopping the 3 series wagon models. However, it is most likely to happen given that they are usually in touch with other German companies like Mercedes and Audi when it comes to competition in a specific market. Even though Mercedes has the C class wagon on sale in Canada, it has recently revealed its decision to pull the plug on bringing this model to the United States shores due to poor interest. The 3 series has been one of the best-selling models for BMW in the last decade and it is sold in different variations around the world.

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