Upcoming Apple iPhone 7 Could Debut Yet Another Exciting Feature

Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 has been flagged as a possibly boring smartphone thanks to the rumors that point towards insignificant upgrades for the iPhone 6S successor.

There is talk of a new and probably more powerful processor, thinner housing, improved antenna design, better camera, double storage, more RAM, and a 3D Touch-based home button, just to name but a few – but still, there is no talk of any major innovation as it has been the case with Apple and its iPhone lineup.

In addition to the current rumors and speculations about the iPhone 7, there is a new report coming out from a source that has a decent record when it comes to Apple products suggesting that yet Apple is working on an exciting feature that many have been waiting for years.

While people might have different opinions with respect to what they want to see updated on the upcoming iPhone 7, there is one thing that every iPhone fan will agree on – battery improvements. A quick look at Android flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC 10 will tell you that Apple’s iPhone lineup has the least battery capacity.

To make matters worse, Apple’s iPhones have nothing to show off when it comes to innovative battery technology, like their Android counterparts. The latter family boasts features such as ultra-power saving modes, fast wired and wireless charging technologies that mean they take the least time possible to fill the battery. As for Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users, this is a dream that could probably be partly realized by moving on to the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but this will only be true if the latest rumor materializes.

iPhone 7

Set to be announced this coming month, it seems the iPhone 7 will for the first time come with fast charging technology. This comes from a Twitter post made by the notorious leaker known as The Malignant showing a photo of a new component that is supposedly meant to support fast charging. This will be a welcome addition for iPhone 7 users, especially when looking at how often one needs to recharge the iPhone 6S, more so if usage is heavy.

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