Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7R Color Variants Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A few weeks ago, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7R (Refurbished) will be here at some point sooner or later.

Towards the end of last month, the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 7R appeared on the Wi-Fi Alliance alongside the original Galaxy Note 7. The two had been certified with Android 7.0 Nougat on board, with the refurbished variant getting a new model number in the shape of SM-N935 as opposed to the original SM-N930.

Up to now, we haven’t received any official communication from Sammy regarding the official launch of the Galaxy Note 7R. However, the latest development could suggest that it won’t be long before South Koreans are actually able to buy this phone locally, possibly the rumored end of June.

Thanks to a new leak, we now have a clue of what Samsung Galaxy Note 7R will look like when released. Images of the phone had already appeared online at some point, but according to the latest report, the Note 7R will come in with four color variants.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

Before the original Note 7 was declared dead, the handset took the smartphone world by storm thanks to a new Coral Blue finish. This even made it to the Galaxy S7 Edge and recently the Galaxy S8. Apparently, this color variant will also be available for Samsung Galaxy Note 7R buyers to choose from. In addition to this color variant, the Note 7R will reportedly come in silver, white and black colors.

For those who had not seen the original Galaxy Note 7, the mentioned color variants of the Galaxy Note 7R are the same that appeared on the former, which could mean Sammy is simply playing it safe. Do keep in mind that this is not an official communication from Samsung and as such, it is important that you take it with a grain of salt, just like you’d do with other rumors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is expected to be launched in South Korea in late June priced at about $620 or 700,000 Won.