Updated Google Chrome Version 54 on Android to Add Background Media Playback to Its App

Chrome 54 Changing Tab Colors

The latest update from Google to its Chrome version 54 for the Android platform has brought with features for background media playback to its app.

Along with this new addition, the update also rolls out a few bug fixes and certain improvements to the browser’s performance. The search giant said in its release note that the update is expected to roll out to the public in a few weeks time.

Background Media Play

Chrome 54 Background Media Playback

With this update, the videos and music content will not have to stop anymore when the user leaves the Chrome browser but can listen to whatever music is playing in the background. By providing support for background media playback, the users can now just swipe down and click on the buttons for pausing and playing the media content as and when required right from the notification itself. They can just sweep away the tab also to end the playback of the music. The users will just have to press the Home button and then move on with the other tasks, while the music keeps playing in the background.

Changes to the New Tab Page

The other changes that accompany this update include that of the New Tab page, which will now have the suggested articles like Google Now, depending upon the user’s browsing history, instead of the bookmarks and the recent tabs present at the bottom of the page. These articles can be flicked away easily if they are not of any interest. The users can also update their saved passwords when they reset it or change it. The Search bar and the frequently visited sites will still be there, but there will be a lot more to see upon scrolling down.

Changing Tab Colors

The update for the Chrome browser version 54 comes with a feature where the sites can change their tab color. This makes switching in between the tabs easier for the eyes. When the user hits the tab switcher, the different tabs can be seen in different colors.

The update has also rolled out a few improvements for the developers. The developers will now be provided with an API which will allow switching their websites to a full-screen mode even if the device is being used in the landscape mode, without having to press any button. The update also brings with it support for Broadcast Channel API that will allow communication in between different tabs, co-workers, windows, or iframes, when they are on the same domain.

Chrome 54 Changing Tab Colors

Though the apps are nice and make tasks easier, it is still important for the browser to be the strong part of any operating system. So, Google is working on making Chrome more powerful, so that the users will have to rely less on the apps which clutter the home screen.

The updated Google Chrome version 54 will have a slow roll-out at the Google Play Store. However, the users can also side-load it from the APK Mirror website.

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