Updated Truecaller Version 7.82 Introduces the Call Me back Feature for Android Users

Truecaller 7.82

Truecaller has been recently updated to the latest version 7.82, which unveiled a brand new feature that is called the Call Me Back and is aimed at helping the Truecaller users to achieve the goals of call completion.

The feature seems to have been targeted specifically at the delivery firms and regular users. A series of tweets on Twitter announced that the Call Me Back (CMB) feature is available as of now only for the Android users. As per the reports published by gadgetsnow, the new Call Me Back option from Truecaller presents the caller with two options which ask if the intended receiver should call them back, or if they will be calling again, in times when the call placed has been unsuccessful due to network issues or because the receiver was busy on another call.

Truecaller 7.82

The company has given out a detailed word about how the feature works. According to fonearena, the users will first have to update their Truecaller app to the latest updated version 7.82 on their Android devices. They can use any dialer app which they like apace with Truecaller so that they can get the new Call Me Back feature. So from now on, when a user who is also using Truecaller makes an unsuccessful attempt at calling another Truecaller user, two options will be laid out for them, is the ‘Ask to Call Back’ and the other is ‘Call Anyway’. When the 1st option is chosen, the receiver of the call will get a push notification which will ask them to return the call to the dialer, and when the second option is chosen, a call will be carried through to the destined receiver again.

The User Interface

The interface of the Call Me Back feature that is shown to the caller is expected to be a bit different if the contact number of the receiver has already been saved in their device’s phone book. So, if the number has been saved, and if the receiver has updated the ‘last seen’ status of their Truecaller app in the last 24 hours, the caller will be able to see this status, above on the options screen after an attempt has been made to make a call.

Set Reminders

Truecaller will allow the user to set a reminder that will keep a note if the user has been asked to call back in cases when the incoming call is rejected by the receiver, or if the receiver is busy on some other call, if their number is busy otherwise, or if the call was not placed at all due to network issues.

Truecaller 7.82 Call Me back Feature

Previous Updates

Previously in October, the company had unveiled the ‘Truecaller Priority’, which is a feature that helped the firms to achieve call completion by slipping out the information regarding the caller of the partner firm to the call recipient. It is worth noting that the new Call Me Back feature is actually an upgrade to the ‘Availability’ feature which was previously present on Truecaller and before that, for a while on the Truedialer app. The feature displays the status of the call receiver, if they are available to take the call or before a call has been placed to them. Another major update that was released to improve spam call detection was the ‘Spam Call Identification’ for iOS 10.1 and above, which will identify the number and display the information on the screen if the caller has previously been reported as spam or if it is from a reputed business firm. Another update for the iPhone was the adding of ‘My Block List’ feature, which allowed the users to control who can exactly call them and who cannot.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this valuable information . It is worth noting that the new Call Me Back feature is actually an upgrade to the ‘Availability’ feature which was previously present on Truecaller and before that.

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