Verizon Google Pixel XL (128GB) Not Shipping Until November 26

Pixel Phones Verizon Versions

Google Pixel and Pixel XL made a return to the company’s 2014 strategy of availing the phones via carriers, with Verizon Wireless the only carrier landing the deal to sell the two phones.

Verizon Wireless is the leading or rather the largest carrier in the U.S. and it is no surprise the mobile operator landed this deal. However, those who had pre-ordered their Google Pixel XL phones from the carrier will now have to wait a little bit longer before they can receive their flagship handset. In addition to this delay being specific to the larger Pixel XL, it is also exclusive to the high-end 128GB variant.

The tech giant started sending out emails to those who were supposed to receive the Google Pixel XL starting Saturday. In the email, the company stated that the new shipping date will now be November 26th thanks to the fact that the model has run out of stock. This is the same case as what is happening with the same model via the Google Store and in fact, this was the first to run out of stock for the high-end model.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

The only other place you can get a Google Pixel XL phone, apart from Google Store and Verizon Wireless, is the Project Fi page. But it remains to be seen whether this section will also run into the same problems, especially after confirming earlier that the phone will start shipping somewhere towards the end of this week.

The Google Pixel XL is the successor to the highly successful Nexus 6P. However, recent reports indicate that the former has seen quicker adoption than any other Nexus devices in the company’s recent history. Given that Verizon confirms this delay is as a result of excessive demand for the phones, it is easy to say that Google nailed it with this year’s flagship.

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