Verizon Joins T-Mobile and AT&T in carrying the Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

After T-Mobile and AT&T confirmed that they will be offering the new blue coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the U.S., all eyes were now on Verizon Wireless to make the same confirmation.

When news of the blue coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge broke out, a Verizon model was leaked, however, the company’s competitors have been sharper in getting the phone on board ahead of the giant American carrier. But now all uncertainties have been buried after the leading carrier in the U.S. confirmed that the new blue coral model will also be sold on the platform.

Fans of the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7, especially the blue coral version, will be happy to know that at least they’ve got an option to turn to. This is the option that brings the former Galaxy Note 7 users closer to what they had before. The phone has the same design, but 0.2 inches smaller in terms of display, no iris scanner, and no S Pen – things that most can live without, at least before the Galaxy Note 8 is unveiled in 2017.

Verizon was perhaps saving the best for last as apparently, there is a deal included in the new blue coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge purchase. You can win an amazing gift for your loved one with a buy one get half off deal.

Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

As noted earlier, this confirmation follows in the footsteps of AT&T and T-Mobile, but the latter is stalling over making it official. The blue coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge adds nothing but a new color to the phone that was released in March 2016. As a result, there should be no surprises in terms of pricing for the carriers involved.

Samsung’s release of the blue coral Galaxy S7 Edge is seen as a move by the company to keep fans busy as they wait for the launch of the 2017 Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge, if at all the Edge name will be maintained. This could work in favor of the company, especially when it comes to those who were after this same color on the Galaxy Note 7.

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