Verizon Set to Hike Plans’ Prices to Include Larger Data Packs


Verizon users are in for huge changes in the coming days as the giant American wireless carrier is set to announce its plans to hike prices on plans.

While this move will make this carrier’s plans more expensive, lovers of the internet will relish in the fact that there will be larger data packs on offer.

If you are a user of the low-end plan, you will now have to pay $35 a month, $5 more than the usual prices. However, for the extra $5, you get 2GB of data, which is 1GB more than the initial offering. As for the M plan, Verizon will be increasing the monthly pay by the same $5, which means subscribers will now have to pay $50 a month. Like with the case of the S plan, the data pack will also increase from 3GB to 4GB.

Users of the L plan will have to part with an extra $10 to keep using the plan on Verizon. This will up the price to $70 per month, but the price hike will see additional 2GB of data added to the initial 6GB. The other two top-tier plans will also go up by $10, with the XL plan expected to cost $90, but with an offer of 16GB on board whereas the XXL plan will be available for $110 a month with 24GB of data as opposed to 18GB offered with the previous $100 monthly plan.

Verizon is trying to move in with these offers in a bid to recapture its fading away market – a market that has swiftly been taken over by the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile, all of which offer great plans. If anything, these offerings are only but a mere reflection of what other carriers have already done.


Now that Verizon has also added more data to the plans, it shows just how much users are becoming hungrier for data. Whether it is browsing the web, checking emails, chatting on instant messengers and so forth; data has become a necessity among smartphone users.

Apparently, current Verizon users will still be able to stick to their plans and rates as they won’t be forced to move to the new plans.

Verizon has yet to make any statement on this rumor, but we expect to hear from the carrier regarding these changes very soon. Keep following us and we’ll keep you informed.

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