Verizon Update Adds More Bloatware to Samsung Galaxy S7 – Here’s How to Disable

Samsung Galaxy S7

Ever since the Stagefright event occurred last year, it has become a norm for Google, partner OEMs and carriers to regularly come in with software updates that take care of any potential vulnerabilities that might put the devices in harm’s way.

While these updates are expected to bring special things like fixes to bugs and errors, improvements to the current offerings as well as new features, the latest software update by Verizon Wireless directed towards the recently released Samsung Galaxy S7 is more of a surprise for many early adopters of this flagship.

In the new update, those using Samsung Galaxy S7 on Verizon Wireless will come across the usual fixes for bugs and errors from the previous installation as well as enhancements to some features. However, the giant American carrier went further and added an application known as DT Ignite. Of course, you probably will never get to notice this application thanks to the fact that it runs in the background.

With the DT Ignite application, Verizon Wireless is prepping Samsung Galaxy S7 for installation of other apps from the carrier, for instance, My Verizon Wireless.

Just like Google’s partner OEMs, carriers also take their time to tweak the feel of the Android OS that comes on board a device. This involves the addition of their own software in order to align the device with their core business. The addition of a DT Ignite app means that even if you successfully uninstall carrier-installed apps on your Samsung Galaxy S7, the apps will be reinstalled once you reboot the phone. This is according to a story that was reported back in 2014 with respect to Verizon’s DT Ignite app.

As mentioned earlier, the DT Ignite app will be running in your Galaxy S7’s background and as a result, many will never notice its presence. Nonetheless, a company representative confirmed that indeed this app is included in the latest firmware update for this year’s flagship. However, owners of the S7 will not be seeing any random apps installed, at least for now, rather, the app will only install apps when setting up the device for the first time or after a factory reset.


Samsung Galaxy S7

Even though Verizon Wireless says that it is possible to remove any DT Ignite-installed apps from your Samsung Galaxy S7, it has remained coy on which apps will be installed by this app. The good thing is that you can still disable the DT Ignite app such that it no longer runs in the background. Here’s how to.

How to disable DT Ignite app on Samsung Galaxy S7

Head to your Galaxy S7’s settings and tap on Apps>Apps Manager>More>Show system apps and from here you should see a complete list of all installed apps arranged in alphabetical order. Start scrolling until you find DT Ignite. Tap it and then again tap on Disable. That’s it!

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