Verizon Warming up for Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Update with New Security Patches

Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow

Last week, Verizon rolled out security patches for Samsung Galaxy S5 which brings the new software version to LRX21T.G900VVRU2BOK3. According to reports, this move was made in preparation for the upcoming Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update.

Galaxy S5 successfully went through the beta program and it is just a matter of time before the update is finally here. With the new update, Verizon says that the 2014 flagship will be optimized in terms of performance, known bugs resolved, install the latest security patches as well as enhance the general performance of this smartphone.

New software version is the most up to date

Verizon is aware that many people are eagerly anticipating for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update to roll out. Just so as to remain clear, the wireless carrier confirmed that this new software update is the most up to date. This means that Android M is yet to hit the device.

Given that this update is meant to prepare the Galaxy S5 smartphone for the upcoming Marshmallow update, it is vital that you update your phone. However, the wireless carrier is very clear that this needs you to connect to a suitable Wi-Fi network or ensure that the Verizon network is very strong. Another thing is that your phone’s battery must be fully charged or alternatively, execute the process when the phone is connected to a power source.

Remember that the software update must first of all be downloaded before the S5 is updated. The estimated download time is between six and ten minutes while the same prevails as far as estimated software update time is concerned. Go to Settings>About phone>System updates to proceed with the installation. Once the download is complete, a message will pop up alerting you that the new software is ready to be installed. Simply tap on “Install now” and that’s it.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Verizon shall also take the initiative of alerting device owners with respect to automatic downloads. When notified, simply hit the “Download now” option and proceed by following the on-screen instructions. There is still room to update the Galaxy S5’s software when on a roaming network. But this needs the device to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update

At the moment, there is no definite date as to when Verizon will be rolling out the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update. However, with the update already rolling out for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users on Verizon and still yet to show up for Samsung Galaxy S6 users, it might take some few weeks or even months before the Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update is here.

When it is finally here, the new Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS will bring great features such as Now on Tap, Doze, and better apps permissions management, among many other improvements.

4 thoughts on “Verizon Warming up for Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Update with New Security Patches”

  1. I’m having this issue with the latest update. My phone is only lasting 3-4 hours with nothing running.

    1. You need to wipe the data cache on your phone. Turn it completely off. Hold the power button, volume up and home button at the same time. When the phone starts up it will be in recovery mode. Use volume buttons to scroll up and down. Go to wipe data cache and use power button to select. DO NOT HIT FACTORY RESET. You cannot undo a factory reset. You should wipe the data cache once a month or so. Your phone will be snappier after. It is like Defragging your computer. It is necessary after any update. Sometimes your phone holds on to some of the old OS and it burns the battery up.

  2. PB1 is the latest (even into April) that I’ve recieved.
    WARNING; it took a couple days to a week for FULL functionality to resume.
    I’ve forgotten what was not working, but by the time I got back to my house and had rebooted multiple times, as I was on the phone
    with both Verizon and then Samsung, it had cleared up.

    STILL WANT (April 5) ANDROID 6.XX.XX for my Galaxy!!!

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