[Video]New LG G6 Leak Removes Two Disturbing Features from the LG G5, but still no Edge Display

LG G6 Released

LG G6 should be announced at the upcoming MWC 2017 event in Barcelona, just like it happened with the LG G5 back in 2016.

Given how close this date is, rumors and speculations about this phone have been building up in the recent past, with some showing off a few of the expected specs and features when the phone is finally unveiled. Even though it is not a guarantee that the LG G6 will be at the MWC 2017 event, the phone is expected to be released at some point in the near future.

Earlier today, revealed that LG had quite huge plans for the LG G6. Apparently, the tech giant will be shipping the phone with a new kind of display – QHD+. The company unveiled a 5.7-inch QHD+ display panel that is said to be ready to ship with the upcoming LG G5 successor.

While nothing else was given out with respect to this flagship, a new concept video has just emerged showing off what the LG G6 will indeed look like once it is here. From the look of things, the South Korean tech company is for sure shaking up just about every aspect of the design language.

The phone looks beautiful and the edges are more rounded than with the case of the LG G5, but there is still no curved dual-edge display as many would have expected. Many OEMs in the Android world are turning to this trend that was brought about by Samsung and it seems to be working wonders for them, but LG is not about to make this shift for the upcoming LG G6.


The dual-lens camera on the back has been retained and so is the dual-tone LED flash, however, LG has finally gotten rid of the camera bump, with the leaked LG G6 showing a flush rear. This is a great achievement for the company as it is one of the things that made the design of the LG G5 look out of this world. Just below the cameras is a power button on which you find the fingerprint scanner while the volume rockers have been maintained on the side of the phone, but this time they are separated.

Another disturbing feature that seems to have died with the LG G5 is the modular design. This design allowed users to slide out the battery from the bottom of the phone and add different LG Friends, accessories that are meant to enhance the audio and camera performance, among other aspects of the phone. With the LG G6, there is no modular design and instead, the company has concentrated more on streamlining the design into something beautiful and sleek.

No matter how sleek the LG G6 looks in this leaked video, be warned that this is the result of concept creators, meaning that it is not the end product. As a result, take this with a grain of salt, at least until LG makes everything regarding this phone public.

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