Virtual Reality Gaming: Is VR Out to Eliminate Mobile Gaming?

Virtual Reality

For a long time, PC and consoles have acted as the main platforms of playing games. The mention of games would trigger one to simply shift his or her mind to Xbox, PlayStation systems as well as PCs.

The entry of smartphones in the mobile phone industry revolutionized many things. Smartphones arrived with a bang in the gaming world with developers publishing exciting games for mobile phones. Records started changing for developers of console and PC-based games as large proportions of people were caught up in mobile gaming leaving the traditionally known gaming systems for a few people. Further, popular game publishers of PC and console-based games started developing smartphone-based games.

Arrival of virtual reality

The ever dynamic world of technology saw the arrival of virtual reality headsets and devices. Virtual reality has actually caused headlines in the entertainment industry. With top OEM’s already having their respective VR devices in the market, anticipations are high that things might not be the same for the mobile phone developers as well as gamers.

Interesting to note is that not all VR devices are based on gaming. For instance, Gear VR from Samsung focuses on serving general consumers rather than gamers only; as opposed to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets as well the imminent PlayStation VR whose targets are mostly the gaming market. Reports have it that HTC Vive VR and Oculus Rift have so far sold numerous units as well as other packages that come along with their respective VR headsets.

Attracting the masses

Looking at Samsung’s Gear VR, its compatibility is limited to only a few Samsung handsets. With many tech companies expected to unveil their own VR devices, it is very likely that these devices will be compatible with many Android-powered devices around. As such this will open up an avenue for many developers to start creating and publishing VR-supported games.

Virtual Reality

With predictions that VR headsets will sell over 12 million units this year, chances are that the devices might have an impact on mobile gaming. The question arising here is to what extent? It should, however, be considered that mobile gaming is still appreciated by a large proportion of smartphone users. Accessibility to consoles and dedication to creating time for playing games are issues with many people. With mobile gaming, you can be on the go and as well go ahead with playing your favorite game. Despite offering another elevated experience that is fun and lively, VR headsets are just but another additional expense.

It will take time for VR gaming to actually sell and even oust mobile gaming. Having said this, we believe that mobile gaming will definitely last for many years in the industry.

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