Volkswagen Electric Car Could Deliver 370 Mile Range

Volkswagen Electric Car

Volkswagen is getting ready for a big reveal during the upcoming 2016 Paris Auto Show. This time, it looks like the company is about to launch an electric car which is supposed to have a massive 370 mile-range.

The company has a lineup of electric vehicles scheduled to get launched from 2019 onwards. Multiple teaser images have leaked online that shows the concept cars Volkswagen has with them. An official reveal is set to take place at the Paris motor show. Inside sources confirmed that the new electric vehicles from the automobile brand will be built on the newly developed MEB platform.

Electric Car

Photos of the upcoming cars were revealed in a closed press meet. In a particular image, Volkswagen teased audience by showcasing a Beetle, Golf and a third concept model which was covered with a sheet. It allowed the audience to hardly guess what’s inside the wrap and the car’s overall design. The concept is about to take a huge step into a revolutionary design which is probably going to define Volkswagen in the next decade.

“We are confident that electric vehicles will play an integral role in defining Volkswagen in the future. A huge challenge lies ahead for the entire brand as we are to build batteries that could offer the highest mile range. It’s a mega thing that we have to overcome in such a short time,” commented Jurgen Stackmann.

According to the slideshow posted by the company during the press meet, the lowest range offered by their car would be 243 miles. It is much higher than the range proposed by Nissan, Chevrolet or Tesla with their respective electric models. VW is keen on coming out of the diesel scandal issue and create a mark for themselves in the automobile market. The change in their architecture will allow engineers to mount bigger batteries in the car.

Volkswagen Electric Car

VW has planned to build a SUV which will be able to go up to 370 miles because of the increased space available in the vehicle. Larger batteries will be used in SUVs while smaller ones will make an apt choice for coupe, sedans and other EVs that Volkswagen has planned to launch by 2019. The brand is also focusing on creating vehicles that are inexpensive or on par with the current generation petrol or diesel engine models. It will enable buyers from all strata to go for EVs without cost being an obstacle.

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