Watch Dogs 2 Developer Ubisoft Confirmed No More Tower Unlocking Mechanics

Watch Dogs 2 No More Tower

Ubisoft is fond of this tower unlocking mechanics that is used in Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and even the last version of the hacker title.

But, Watch Dogs 2 will finally get rid of towers.

It is known that some players do love such mundane tasks. All you have to do is spot a huge tower and start climbing it. Being an Assassin and jumping on rooftops is sometimes fun but the problem is the entire map will be clouded until you manage to get on top. Once you unlock it, it’s time to jump on a hay from over a hundred feet or use the rope as players do Far Cry series. Either way, it is definitely not so enjoyable for most and is an unwanted thing which is removed in Watch Dogs 2.

Talking about the feature, Jonathan Morin, developer of game said, “There is nothing to be clouded and showcased when you climb a tower. Instead of doing it, we have simply allowed players to roam the map and find what they need. It’s all about exploration and we are going to focus on it than using towers to unlock parts of the map.”

Watch Dogs 2

The concept was originally introduced in Assassin’s Creed to show a bird’s eye view of the city whenever a tower is unlocked. It also showed new landmarks, unlocked new missions and allowed the player to further progress in the game. The same system was carried out in Far Cry as well and in the racing title The Crew. Watch Dogs had it but the next iteration of the title Watch Dogs 2 is going to take a new direction.

The new game is going to focus solely on the progress made by Marcus Holloway. When he has more followers, he can gain bigger jobs. It’s not about knowing a part of the map so as to acquire new tasks. The idea is to keep roaming the city and develop contacts which is essential part of Watch Dogs 2 to be part of high profile jobs.

Such a system is entirely new but it is similar to the one used in GTA V where you need friends to complete huge heists in online multiplayer. Ubisoft’s game is however entirely different and being truly next gen, we assume new features and better hacking techniques will be introduced this time around, possibly without any graphical downgrade.

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