Watch Dogs 2 Online Coop Is What GTA 6 Could Be

Watch Dogs 2 Online Coop

A brand new online coop trailer for Watch Dogs 2 has surfaced online and it easily looks like a futuristic version of the Rockstar series.

If the developers would make GTA 6 which won’t be launching for another two years or so, you can go for Watch Dogs 2. The Ubisoft game is scheduled to get launched much sooner and offers everything a modern day open world game should. There are so many things to do, not just hacking.

Players can now explore an entire city, hack into cars, ride motorcyles, jet boats and enjoy roaming with an online buddy. New players will be hanging out throughout the map and you can spot them through the HUD over their head. Just walk up to one and ask if he or she is ready to join your team. Once they agree, a never ending fun show begins. There are no instant missions to jump into.

Watch Dogs 2

Instead, players can roam the world in cars, trucks and motorcyles along with their new buddy. When they are bit bored with aimless roaming, the online coop missions in Watch Dogs 2 comes in handy. Both has to put in their best skills to hack into a wide range of objects to gain access and successfully pull of the mission. It requires coordination, mutual understanding and the will to excel your partner.

Beware that in Watch Dogs 2 online multiplayer coop mission, there are always other coop buddies doing the same thing as you. When any duo manages to pull off some amazing jobs and prove themselves as the best hacker in town, the bounty mode begins. Some random corporate will pay them money so as to take you down. Three players will team up to kill you. Hacking the right vehicle or device at the right time will ensure your survival.

There is also an option to seek help from your coop partner to escape the bounty chase. If you manage to kill them before they do, you acquire more bounty than they would. The game also brings new costumes, vehicles, weapons and customization at every point making it a true GTA 6, if that’s what Rockstar would make.

Ubisoft seems to have perfected the new franchise and if it is even half good as we see it in trailers, Watch Dogs 2 could become a crowd favorite and might replace Assassin’s Creed for years to come.

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