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What is interesting in Minecraft 2022?

The developers from Mojang Studios have pleased all fans with the appearance of new interesting biomes and creatures. Critical bugs have been fixed, so the gameplay surprises users with its stability. It is worth noting that in Minecraft version 1.19.0, work has already begun on the introduction of a new spectator game mode. It allows players to be present in the game, to observe what is happening, but not to be able to influence events in any way.

In Minecraft 2022, players should definitely post the Deep Dark biome, because that is where you can find the amazing Ancient City location. The heroes are waiting for abandoned temples and palaces, in which a large number of treasure chests are hidden.

Mangrove Swamps

The new swamp biome of Minecraft 2022 is significantly different from the one that players could see earlier. Players started getting to know him back in Minecraft 1.19, but now this location has become even more interesting. Firstly, here Steve will not meet witches and other inhabitants of the swamps, instead of them he can see frogs of a unique pale green color.


There are very beautiful trees growing in this area, which are called mangroves. The entire surface is covered with blocks of dirt, which can be useful for the player.

Mud Blocks

Dried mud blocks in Minecraft 2022 turn into very strong bricks that can be used in the construction of buildings.


In Minecraft 2022, players will meet a lot of new creatures that will help them, as well as become very strong opponents.


In Minecraft 1.19, players have already begun to get acquainted with a new creature, which immediately received a lot of fans. Cute and good-natured mob Allay can bring the player the same items that he gave him. This creature has become a real discovery for all players in Minecraft 2022.

This animal can fly and will follow the player everywhere. He restores his health by 2 units per second. This creature cannot swim, but it will try to collect objects that it sees in the water.


A creepy monster that first appeared in Minecraft 1.19 and has no eyes is still a great danger for anyone who decides to explore the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft 2022. This mob finds its prey by sounds, and its attacks are dangerous both near and from a long distance.


Every player who likes to find underground resources can become a real miner in Minecraft 2022. And if you also download an update to the map for Minecraft Bedrock with interesting features, you can arrange real adventures.

With the help of new devices, the search will be faster and easier. Also underground, you can find a special helmet that is equipped with a flashlight to better navigate underground.

Zombie Miner

Underground in Minecraft 2022, seekers are waiting for a new threat – a zombie miner. Previously, this mob was an ordinary worker, but now the only thing he needs is to find a victim.

Be careful, because these creatures move very quickly through dark corridors.

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