WhatsApp 2.16.232 Beta Release Available for Android

WhatsApp vs Google Allo

The latest WhatsApp build for Android has been released and its version 2.16.232. WhatsApp for Android, probably, has the largest number of users and definitely needs relatively more frequent updates.

The new beta update does not carry along any new functionality: not even the much-rumored support for GIFs or Video Calling feature has found a way into this version.

However, there are internal changes worth noting that has been made to the new WhatsApp APK file. In reference to the code found inside the download file, the company is apparently working on two features; one that will enable users to send GIF files across the service and another function to enable group invitations via links. Hopefully, the two handy features will be activated in the upcoming WhatsApp updates.

In the new internal reorganization, an additional 110KB has been added with over 500 files modified. Most of the altered files are related to the function of the application files. Furthermore, activity_gif_preview2.xml and libpl.droids_gif.so files have been added. The former is related to GIFs preview while the latter is associated with the library for the GIF files.

How to Install WhatsApp version 2.16.232

WhatsApp 2.16.232 is a testing version and is not accessible to the public via Google Play Store. To access the new version you will need to either enroll in the Beta Testing program on the Play Store or go all the way to install it manually.

The former is most preferred option because you will be installing WhatsApp updates seamlessly from the official Android store without looking for download files on the internet each time an update is rolled out.  Besides, WhatsApp for Android receives updates almost on a daily basis, plus download files will require that you make changes to your Android privacy settings before installation, at the same time, there are deceptive APK files out there stacked with malicious programs harmful to your device.

WhatsApp Update

To avoid many hassles, join WhatsApp Beta testing program, with a provision to opt out. Becoming a tester requires you to visit Google Play Store website and register by tapping on “BECOME A TESTER” button which will be replaced by a note ‘You are a tester’ if your registration is successful. You can now proceed to Play Store on your device and run a search for WhatsApp 2.16.232 then install.

As said, you can opt to leave the program anytime and switch to the public version by uninstalling the testing version, then installing a stable WhatsApp version from the Android store. Users should recall that testing versions usually come with bugs and other issues which you can report to WhatsApp Inc. for fixing in the subsequent updates.

Nonetheless, the update comes with the normal system functionality improvements and bugs fixes and is a choice worth consideration.

Meanwhile, the developers have also released WhatsApp 2.16.9 Beta update for iPhone with Voicemail feature which allows users to send voice messages to recipients who missed or declined their calls. However, neither video calling nor support for GI has been added to the platform, there is no official information when the two futures will be added either.

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