WhatsApp adds Live Location Feature, but Still in Beta

WhatsApp Beta 2.17.20

In the next few weeks or even days, WhatsApp users will be able to locate their friends via the application.

You probably are on Facebook, the current owner of WhatsApp. Here, users can easily locate their friends using the platform’s Nearby Friends feature. Now, according to the latest reports, this Facebook-owned app is also getting the ability to locate people who are using it, but as for now, it is still in beta and turned off by default.

Apple users will also be familiar with an almost similar feature that helps with locating friends – Find My Friends app. Like in other platforms that offer a similar feature, users of WhatsApp will have to give permission to the feature before their location details are availed to their contacts who are in search of them. For those who have access to WhatsApp version beta for iPhone, this feature is already up there. As for Android users, you can find it on version 2.16.399, which is also still in beta.

As noted earlier, this live location feature has been turned off by default. However, you can easily find the feature within the updated Settings menu and enable it. Once this happens, WhatsApp will give you up to four location sharing options. You can have it shared for a minute, two, five or even indefinitely. Since this feature is still in beta, don’t be surprised if these options change when the stable release comes out.

Since this feature is still in its trial phases, most details of how it really works are still unknown. But many other features that WhatsApp brings out in beta versions, we can’t be sure if this one will still be available once the stable version is released. Furthermore, it is not known when the stable version of the app will be released, but if you wish to try this beta version on your Android or iPhone, you can register to become a beta tester via the Google Play Store. This will hand you access to not just WhatsApp beta, but also other beta apps that you wish to have.

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