WhatsApp Allures to the Beta Android Users by Bringing New iOS 10-like 3D Emojis

WhatsApp 3D Emojis

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging services out in the tech business.

The app has been download more than a billion times at the App Store and at the Google Play Store and the number seems to be just increasing. The company now taken over by Facebook has been working hard to give a lot of updates to the users in the recent past so that the users can have the best features and simplified action. Earlier this month, a beta update from WhatsApp was released which included gestures, drawing images etc. Well, looks like the beta version of WhatsApp for Android just got another update regarding the emojis.

WhatsApp 3D Emojis

It has been quite some time since the emojis have been considered in the mainstream formula of WhatsApp chatting. In Fact, nowadays, the users are looking forward to the different changes and updates that the messaging services are offering in regard to new emojis. To be on par with the new changes in the design of the emojis of its iOS 10 versions, WhatsApp has now released a new set of emojis for Android version 2.16.274 which is still in the beta stages.

Everything about the New Diverse Emojis

The new emojis that have been introduced for Android are very similar to those of the iOS 10. The emojis have been redesigned to give them an enhanced 3D appearance. Apart from in the iOS 10, most of these new emojis are already available in Android 7.0 Nougat and will make their way to the Emoji 4.0 update by Unicode in November. If the users wish to try the latest beta version of WhatsApp Android, they can either download it directly from the Google Play Store or can also look up from the apk site, though the former is recommended.

Looks the companies are acknowledging the diversity that is prevailing in the society and by keeping that in mind, the messaging services had earlier introduced different skin tones for the emojis. Now it is time for the various gender-based options. The new emojis now include a girl who is running, a policewoman in addition to the already existing male cop, single parents, and LGBT parents’ i.e., parents of the same gender. There is also gender related new sports-related stuff including a female weightlifter, and female professionals in various sports like cycling, basketball, skateboarding, swimming, and running.

Another impressive addition to the emojis that have been introduced to the iOS 10 by Apple is the popular ‘water gun’ emoji, which depicts the gun more as a toy rather than a pistol. This decision was taken by the Unicode Consortium and was followed religiously by Apple. The Unicode Consortium is a technology-based industrial group which approves emojis and it had taken the decision not to include emojis which have a man shooting with a pistol and also the glyphs of a rifle in its next release.

Apple had reported with regard to the introduction of the gender neutral emojis for the iOS 10 that it is a very exciting update which will bring many new gender-based options for the already existing characters which include new female professionals, and female athletes, many new redesigned popular emojis, more family options, and a new rainbow flag.

iOS 10 3D Emojis

It should be kept in mind that WhatsApp will probably look to override whichever emoji font is being currently used by the device. That means that if the user is using a Samsung Keyboard or a Google keyboard to insert an emoji, the WhatsApp equivalent of the keyboard will be available for chatting. The most probable reason for this is that WhatsApp tends to maintain the uniformity of its conversations and experience across all its platforms, especially when different emojis can convey different ideas and expressions.

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