WhatsApp for Android 2.17.163 Brings New Material UI for Voice and Video Calls

WhatsApp new UI for FAQ section

From the usual green, flat looks, WhatsApp for Android 2.17.163 which is now in beta is moving towards a material design.

Almost every new Android app has to adopt the design because Google is busy building on Android N and are already showcasing possible features for Android O. WhatsApp at first look might seem very outdated because of the icons and the interface. However, off late we have been witnessing a lot of positive changes and one of them is adopting the material UI for the voice and video calls.

WhatsApp beta for Android 2.17.163

A screenshot of the same has been posted online to give users an idea of what to expect when it goes online. The interface looks plain but when a contact’s photo is added to it, it might look more appealing and will appear much better on high resolution OLED displays. Another new feature is the ability to share media with a caption of your own.

With so many gifs, videos and photos being shared every day on multiple groups, it is not easy to simply keep forwarding them without a caption of your own. The latest WhatsApp for Android 2.17.163 which is still in beta has the option which is hidden by default. As with all other updates, the developers will consider testing it in various regions before making it official for all users.

Pinned chats seem to be enabled by default for most by now. If you have downloaded the latest Android version of WhatsApp, it should work and avoid a lot of confusion associated with finding the right chat. So many communication needs are met by this simple app that has grown to enormous heights and pinning is such a simple yet essential feature for every user. According to the post, it is available on 2.17.162 along with a new UI for FAQ section.

WhatsApp new UI for FAQ section

Despite all the improvements, WhatsApp still doesn’t work on iPod or iPad leaving a whole lot of users in the lurch. Many want the developers to find a way to bring it on as they have already removed support for Symbian, Blackberry operating systems. The resources can probably be used to bring the app to other Apple devices. After all, both the iPad and the iPod touch can seamlessly connect to the web using a SIM card as well as WIFI connections making WhatsApp an important communication medium on these devices. We hope they may roll out the feature in the following weeks.