WhatsApp for Android: Backup Folder now showing up on Google Drive   

WhatsApp Backup Folder on Google Drive

Facebook’s WhatsApp is too popular to introduce at this time when the chat service claims over 1.1 billion active users.

The service allows subscribers to share text messages, videos, images, phone contact, location, documents, GIF files, voice memo and make voice/video calls.The app gets new additions almost on daily basis, today is about anew dedicated backup folder in the Google Drive.

WhatsApp Backup Folder on Google Drive

Along with other tons of intriguing handy features WhatsApp enabled a feature to allow users to backup up their data in the phone internal memory and a more advanced option for Android users to use cloud storage on Google Drive. The practice is quite good, users do not lose their history when they sign up on new devices. Of the two options, using the drive is the safest as phone memory can be damaged and data will be lost all the same, therefore, the latter is the choice to go by. However, folks have not been able to see the folder in which their backed up data is located in their drives even after completing the seamless process.

The answer is pretty simple: the backup process has been hidden in the background that is why you could restore the backed up data successfully but could never access the files on the Google Drive. As stated earlier, that has changed for some users who have started seeing a brand new Backups folder on their Google Drive on web and on the mobile application version. On the latter, it appears under the Trash in navigation pane on the left. WhatsApp users can now manage backed up content on their drives without tapping several buttons.

When users click on the folder, a list of all backups pops up, they can then select the desired one-in this case WhatsApp. Users can actually manipulate the folder with options to delete from the Android system backups or turn off Backup and Restore feature on the App. However, to turn off the automated standby data for Android apps and games, then youwill be required to use the devoted menu in the Settings of your Android smartphone.

If you can remember, the backup feature was launched on WhatsApp back in 2015 and Android users have to sync their accounts with their Google accounts to enable the feature to work. For iOS devices owners WhatsApp backup data is stored on the iCloud.Users have the liberty to choose data backup frequency which can be daily, weekly or monthly.There is also ‘Never’option which simple means you don’t backup.

WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

WhatsApp cares for you and your data that’s why the application always reminds you to back up content especially when signing up on a new device. The process is quite simple but saves a lot of data with just a mere single tap. For your information WhatsApp just welcomed a set of new functions including the acclaimed video calling, two-step verification, image editing and video streaming. Check them out!

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