WhatsApp Android Beta Features Locked in Non-Google Play Version, iOS Beta Download Available

WhatsApp iOS Beta

The WhatsApp Android Beta 2.17.8 is now available for download out of the Google Play Store.

However, some features are locked in this unofficial version. iOS users can download the latest WhatsApp beta version

WhatsApp iOS Beta

The Whatsapp beta download provided by third party sources gives you the advantage to experience many features before the official launch. While some users prefer to do it over the Google Play store, there are many who are daring and love to tinker with the latest app before it is out for the public. The development team seems to have taken some strict measures to ensure maximum compatibility and seamless operation by disabling some specific features on the Android beta version APK file available through third party sites.

If you download the same beta version from the Google Play store, you will have access to all these blocked features. In an earlier update, we came to know that the media sharing limit will be increased from 10 to 30 in the latest edition. However, the one available for Android doesn’t show such improvements. The web update now supports Android 4.0+, has business specific features to enable users to enter a code to login to business accounts. The media limit is still at 10 and GIF search is disabled.

The Whatsapp Android beta 2.17.8 if downloaded through the Play store will allow users to search GIFs. If you are using some or any of these features and don’t want to lose them, you should wait for the developers to release it on the official beta channel. Downloading APK files from other sources could lock you out of your favorite features and it requires effort to bring it back to the way it was. A detailed changelog was posted on the Twitter page. You can view the image here. The information available is minimal but the Twitter page claims that they have some important announcements to make tomorrow.Whatsapp Android Beta 2.17.8

For users on iOS platforms, it is possible to download the latest Whatsapp iOS Beta The file is available in here. A detailed changelog for the iOS version was posted earlier on the Twitter page by Whatsapp Beta Bot. The large user base delays launches as the developers have to make sure they rollout an update that works. Many features spend a lot of time in beta version to fix bugs and UI issues before they are posted on Google Play store.

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