WhatsApp Beta Download for Android Updated to Version 2.16.208, Olympic Games Emoji is No More

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WhatsApp for Android smartphones has received another beta update. The update brings WhatsApp beta 2.16.208 and is a product of tireless work of the app developers who have been relentless in releasing beta updates for the popular mobile OS.

Every time the Facebook-owned instant messaging giant gets a new update, users always expect new features. However, that has not always been the case, most updates pushed to the chat service rarely add any functionality- except some minor system boosts and on rare occasions some features have been removed. Unfortunately, the latter is the case with the latest WhatsApp beta release.

Olympics Games emoji that was added to the client has been removed, certainly, that will not go well with users who love games. The latest APK file weighs 35KB more than the previous installation file.  In the new changelog, whatsapp.sf and manifest.mf have been modified. Besides, the e1611.png file which is the Olympic emoji has been removed as well.

The update has been released supposedly to counter bugs and stabilize the application. WhatsApp will be running smoothly after the update with minimal hiccups if there is any. However, the update may not bring anything visible, we can be certain that the system functionality has definitely improved. WhatsApp is under a brilliant team of software developers and we cannot just assume what they bring to us.

WhatsApp beta releases rarely miss some minor problems here and here which are normally fixed when the app is finally released. For the team to address all problems, users who find abnormalities with their apps are highly encouraged to report to the developers so that no bug remain unattended to.

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Procedure: Download and install WhatsApp beta 2.16.208

The most appropriate and easiest way to get a legit app for an Android smartphone is through the Google Play Store. That’s why WhatsApp Inc. introduced a beta testing program to allow users to directly install WhatsApp beta releases on their devices. Any user can enroll in the program by registering on WhatsApp website. If you are not yet a tester, visit WhatsApp’s official page then tap on the ‘Become a Tester’ icon. After signing up, you can now go back to Play Store and run a search for WhatsApp version 2.16.208, download it and then install.

However, the traditional way of downloading the APK file is still a considerable option. There are several trusted mirror sites such as APK mirror and Android Police from where you can download updated WhatsApp files. But before you start installing the downloaded file make sure you navigate to Security from Settings menu (depending on your device make) then enable ‘Unknown sources’. Normally, the Android system automatically protects you from third-party apps which can be harmful to your device. By enabling the option, you agree to take sole responsibilities for any damage to your phone or loss of data that may be may result from using these apps.

If you have not yet updated your WhatsApp, please do to get the smooth experience accompanying the latest update.

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