WhatsApp Beta for iPhone Updated to Version 2.16.9, Adds Voicemail and Bug Fixes

WhatsApp iOS Beta

The world’s number one mobile instant messaging client – WhatsApp – has received another update on its iOS version. Unlike most beta releases which majorly focus on bug fixes and stabilizing system functionality, the new version that takes WhatsApp for iPhone to version 2.16.9 adds the Voicemail feature.

WhatsApp deals with over one billion users per day who share over 40 billion messages, of which 600 million are images. With such a huge number the app is likely to experience problems over time. Besides, the messaging space is changing day in day out and messaging services must move with the same pace to maintain competence.

At WhatsApp, the developing team works round the clock to fix bugs they realize themselves along with those reported by users. They also work on bringing new features to keep pace with the revolution in the market. The team has now pushed the Voicemail feature that is not new to WhatsApp users on Android to iPhone owners.

Voicemail feature allows users to leave a voice message when their calls are rejected or unanswered. Instead of going back to draft a text message for a colleague who has missed or declined your call, WhatsApp for iPhone now makes it easy for you with the feature that allows you record a message immediately the call is ended. Remember, the update also comes with the normal system enhancements and bug fixes.

Video Calling Feature has also been rumored for a while now. However, there is no word on when it will be launched or which platform will receive it first. Logically, it should hit the iOS platform first as the screenshots which leaked some time back showed the functionality being tested on an iPhone. Again, there is no confirmation for that, as a result, users should take it with a pinch of salt.


How to install WhatsApp 2.16.9

The update is in the form of a download file and you need to master a few steps to get it running on your iPhone. To start with, uninstall the current WhatsApp application from your device. After which, you will download WhatsApp 2.16.9. IPA file from a trusted website. With the file downloaded proceed to install then sign in with your number.

Finally, remember WhatsApp 2.16.9 is a beta release, it fixes bugs in the previous version but may be carrying some bugs itself, it’s quite normal with beta releases, the best you can do is to report them to the developers.

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