WhatsApp Could be Working on New Voicemail and Instant Call Back Features


If any of the latest rumors are to be believed, then we’ll soon see WhatsApp for both Android and iOS updated with a voicemail feature.

WhatsApp is a world-known messaging and calling app that offers its services for free. The app has more than 1 billion users and a huge number of the recently-added users have come on board courtesy of the voice calling feature. Now that there is news of a voicemail feature coming sometimes later this year, there is no doubt that it will be a huge welcome for the many who use this chat app across the globe. Another feature that the Facebook-owned messaging and calling app is believed to be working on is instant call back.

With competition in then VoIP industry getting stiffer each and every passing day, WhatsApp sees the need to get in more reliable features for its loyal users. Many have ditched their telecom service providing companies in favor of WhatsApp. It will be a huge plus for users of the app as they can now make use of a feature they had grown used to when using traditional telcos.

The instant call back feature was spotted sometimes earlier and it appears as a simple notification. Just tap on the notification and the app will return to calling back the person who called first. It is getting even better with WhatsApp as users will also be able to preview their audio messages before sending them to friends.

Support for more file types coming soon

In addition to the said additions to WhatsApp, the app is reportedly prepping to add support for more file types. Recently, the app added the ability to share files with extensions such as .doc, .docx, pdf as well as vcf. To make things a lot sweeter for users, it will soon be adding the ability to share ZIP files, however, there is no word of whether the app will revise the limit size for sending media files.


WhatsApp also recently made the end-to-end encryption protocol a mainstay in the app, applying to both messages and calls. This means that only those involved in a conversation directly can see the contents of the message, not even those at WhatsApp can see it.

There has been talk of a new WhatsApp video calling feature in the works, however, nothing has materialized so far. But with Facebook getting more aggressive about video offerings on the Messenger app, it is believed that the same will be coming to WhatsApp sooner than later.

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