WhatsApp Free Download – 7 New Features You Need Know Right Away


WhatsApp keeps throwing in new features probably on a weekly basis, but most of them go unnoticed as many people choose to stick to the most basic offerings.

Since WhatsApp has more than 1.1 billion users and the figure keeps growing, the company has to do a lot in order to keep everyone happy. The competition is also doing everything possible to steal as many users as possible from the Facebook-owned app, however, with these new features that have been added in the recent months, WhatsApp still has the lead over its closest rivals.

So, what new features has WhatsApp received in the recent past that you really need to know about? Check them out.

Image editing

WhatsApp is borrowing a Snapchat feature where users will now be able to play around with their photos before sharing with friends. When sharing a photo, more editing options will show up where you can add an emoji, text or some drawing on the same image before you share it.

Better ways for capturing photos and videos

The latest WhatsApp version has added nifty features for those who enjoy capturing photos and videos. There is a flash added to the selfie camera which adds some light in photos captured in dark areas. When in camera mode, the new app now lets you double-tap on the screen to switch between the main and secondary cameras. This is regardless of whether you are taking photos or recording a video. Speaking of videos, the latest version also allows zooming in and out of live video recordings by simply sliding your fingers up and down the screen.


Sharing GIFs

In today’s world, GIFs are a must have on any communication platform. WhatsApp is no exception and in the new version, you can easily send and receive these characters via the app. When doing the usual attachment of files from the gallery, you will see an additional option to share GIFs alongside the usual videos and images.

Prevent WhatsApp from sharing your data

WhatsApp recently made a change to its privacy policy where it now lets Facebook gain access to your personal data, something that has even caused some conflicts between the app and privacy regulators across Europe and other parts of the world. You can prevent this data-sharing feature by going to WhatsApp settings>Account and follow this by unchecking the box against the “Share my account info” option.

Tag individuals in group chats

WhatsApp allows users to participate in group chats of up to 256 people. When in such a group, it is easy to come across hundreds of unread messages, with some of them probably talking about different topics or events. In order to ensure that you are replying or rather addressing a specific person in the group, WhatsApp allows you to tag the message you are referring to in the group chat. All you need is to long-press on the message and from the options that show up on top of the screen, there is one to reply to the selected message.

It gets even better with the latest version as WhatsApp has added a mentions feature for groups. Here, you can mention a specific person in a group while directing your intended message to them. Just start by typing the @ symbol and you will see a list of names and numbers of people in the group. Select the one you want to address and this person (s) will be notified that they have been mentioned in a given group.

whatsapp mentions

When you are mentioned, you will be notified regardless of whether you have muted the group or not. In addition, it is easy to receive mentions featuring your WhatsApp number only. To get around this, make sure you have saved your phone number in your own contacts list like you’d do for other contacts.

OneDrive support for Windows Phone

Android users stared backing their conversations on Google Drive a while ago, but just recently, this feature made it to OneDrive, which is Windows Phone’s cloud storage service. This is a great addition for the few who use Windows Phone, especially since most Android devices are not the best when it comes to storage capacities.

Text formatting

It’s been a while since WhatsApp users started making use of basic formatting tools to add some flavor to chats. However, not every single user has grasped how the available formatting tools work. Well, it’s quite simple. When you put text between two asterisks, you’ll end up with bolded text. Replacing these asterisks with an underscore will give you italicized text. To strikethrough text, replace the asterisks with a tilde. Simple huh!

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