WhatsApp iOS 2.17.11 Makes Status Work on Jailbroken Devices, Status Coming to Web Version

Whatsapp For iOS

The latest version of WhatsApp 2.17.11 on iOS platforms makes status messages work on jailbroken devices.

When the developer team updated the app, they intentionally removed support for these devices.

In the iOS community, jailbreaking a device be it the iPhone or the iPad is considered wrong. It allows users to install third party apps, download free files online and install them without spending a penny on the app store. However, jailbroken devices are also void of warranty because Apple doesn’t support such illegal methods as they are always strict when it comes to protecting their intellectual property.

Whatsapp For iOS

App developers usually don’t care much about these issues because their income stream is completely different. They continue to support all features irrespective of any devices’ status. WhatsApp with their earlier update removed support on jailbroken iOS devices. Many assumed that it was a bug and the team would fix it soon. Later, it was evident they have done it on purpose to block people on these phones to be unable to use the status messages. The newest version 2.17.11 doesn’t bring much changes but finally adds support for jailbroken devices.

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There has been plenty of confusion with regards to the new and the old status messages. When WhatsApp forced users to update it everyday by using videos, photos and gifs, both the Android and the iOS community strongly opposed. They were hardly excited by the Snapchat inspired feature and wanted the old status messages back. The team gave in to their request and has already brought it back as About in all platforms. It was disabled for jailbroken devices which should work now once you download the latest update.

A hidden feature also indicates that WhatsApp status messages may soon find its way to the desktop, web version of the app. The developer team has been busy trying to make the desktop version as intuitive as it could get by unifying the smiley tab and will soon add status messages allowing users to be in touch with their friends in more expressive ways. As of now, there aren’t any new updates coming in but it won’t be long before they start experimenting. Structured messages are coming soon that are geared towards making business communications easier. It will also support real time translation so that people in a group can text in any language of their choice which will be translated into english for everyone else to understand the context.

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