WhatsApp Latest Free Download Adds Voice Mail, Call Back and New Font Style

WhatsApp Update

Do you use WhatsApp? Well, probably that is a dumb question to ask, right? Chances are that you are one of the more than a billion people that use this Facebook-owned chat app on a daily basis.

Available as a free to download app, you also don’t need to pay anything in order to keep using the app. All you need is to ensure that you are always connected to the internet, no matter how poor the connection might be – you’ll still be able to access WhatsApp and chat with your friends from all over the world.

What makes WhatsApp’s numbers keep rising is the fact that it makes life so easy for users. Whether it is downloading it, installing it, setting it up or even playing around with it – everything has been made as easy as ABC. To keep attracting more users, the developers keep coming in with great features, but still managing to keep everything as simple as possible.

From an app that started out as text-based, WhatsApp now offers voice calling services and soon, video calling services will be on board. But before this, the app wants to ensure that the voice calling aspect gets fine-tuned to the best. You’ve probably heard of reports about WhatsApp planning to add voicemail and call-back features. Well, this is no longer a rumor as the chat app has added these features to the latest beta version.


How the features work

Whenever you place a free WhatsApp call and the recipient doesn’t respond or even declines the call, a screen will appear that allows you to call back this person immediately or record a voice message that you can leave them. This is not the first time you’ll be hearing of voice messaging on WhatsApp, however, it is the first time it is featuring in the app’s voice calling service. This is the closest the app has come to mimicking the traditional telcos.

The updates do not just end with voicemail and call-back features, but the new WhatsApp beta also comes with a new text formatting tool – the monospace text. To get going, simply add three accent symbols (“`) before and after the text, that you want to change to the monospace text. Interestingly, the feature is already live in WhatsApp for PC app.

To get access to these new features, visit the Google Play Store and join the WhatsApp Beta Program

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