WhatsApp Quote and Reply Feature Available on Both Android and iOS Platform  

WhatsApp Video Calling For iOS

WhatsApp needs no introduction, it’s now a household word. The Facebook-owned instant messaging titan reached a billion monthly active users’ landmark early this year.

WhatsApp has also claimed the summit of most popular mobile messaging apps according to the latest report. The service has been on an upward trend since Facebook acquired it at a reported price of $19 billion back on February 19, 2014. The chat application has been able to hold its weight against chatting bigwigs like Twitter, Skype, and Google’s chat services. A lot of key features have been added since then, but WhatsApp wants to make the chatting experience even better.

The platform has received a feature that will now let you quote a specific message and reply to it. The beta update version with build number: 2.16.118 has been rolled out to Android testers. The functionality has also been spotted on iOS devices. WhatsApp quote and reply will now let you quote messages when replying. Grab the beta WhatsApp version from the APKMirror to start a new experience on your beloved instant messaging application.

How to use quote and reply functionality

Quote and reply feature is plain and easy to use. To start off, select the message you want to quote, it can be a text or a media message, then long press until a Reply option turns up. The Reply option pops up along Delete, Forward, Star, and Copy options. For this case, we will focus on Reply button. Proceed to select the Reply option that will prompt a preview of the original message and a small text area to type the reply.

Finally, press the send button to complete the process, but you can also press the (x) button to halt the process in case you have a second thought. The message will appear inside the receiver’s chats with the quoted message appearing on top along with the senders’ unique color code. This makes this feature a fantastic tool for group chats where each individual has a different color-coded name. WhatsApp has said it will color-code members in a group with specific colors.

Essentially, this feature allows the users to add context to a message whenever it’s necessary by referring to old messages using a simple, convenient and seamless way.

WhatsApp Video Calling For iOS

Recent features added on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is surging towards being the app that packs all the features needed for instant messaging and general communication. A lot of features have already been added with the latest reports saying that the messaging giant is testing GIF support for its Android and iOS platforms. Previously, WhatsApp got the ability to share documents such as PDFs, Doc files and even files from third party apps like OneDrive.

Moreover, the chat service adopted a privacy-enhancing feature, end-to-end encryption by default. This means conversations across the platform are now resistant to man-in-the-middle attacks. WhatsApp is also working on the anticipated video calling feature that has already been spotted in an Android beta version, hopefully, the feature will be rolling out to the public in the next update.

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