WhatsApp Recall Feature Undergoing Some Tough Times, Expected Fix Coming Soon

WhatsApp Recall Feature

WhatsApp developers are having a really hard time trying to make the app work as it should especially when it comes to recalling the messages you don’t want your recipient to see.

The situations are plenty when you don’t want someone to see what you have sent. Be it a text message, gif, photo or a video, it was never supposed to reach an official group or obscene content may sometimes be shared between groups when you are switching between them. The best way to bring them back is to recall, revoke or delete the message. WhatsApp has named the particular feature with many alternative names and the latest one is recall.

WhatsApp Recall Feature Tough Times

This particularly useful feature is under development for weeks now. The developers continue to keep changing its time period which plays an integral role in determining how efficient it works. The long duration which was allowed in the past was temporarily reduced to two minutes and was later five minutes. The latest update claims that you can recall any message sent to a recipient within 8 minutes and 32 seconds. The total time allowed is exactly 512 seconds and it sounds like a decent duration to get it all back.

Another problem is that, some iOS users have reported the recall feature never works on their iPhone. Even when they tried to call the message back, it still showed on their recipient’s phone just voiding the purpose it was originally built for. The issue has already been identified by the team that is working on the iOS version of WhatsApp and it shouldn’t be long before a fix is rolled out.

WhatsApp Recall Feature Tough Times

Most have confirmed that their recall feature works at some times and it doesn’t work at other times. If you are a frequent user of WhatsApp and this particular stuff, make sure you don’t send any wrong messages to any person or a group. The bugs are plenty at the moment and they wouldn’t allow the recall option to work as it should originally. Apart from these changes, WhatsApp is also going to get some amazing features including location sharing, money transactions and new interface to make it look like the materialistic design found in all recent Android operating systems.

The recall feature has been disabled on some devices and in select regions. All it takes is a couple of days for it be back in action.