WhatsApp Tips and Tricks : 6 Smart Ways to Secure Your Data to the Last Letter

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

It’s safe to say that Facebook’s WhatsApp has been reigning tyrant over the past few years.

The chat service is currently commanding over a billion monthly active users all by itself. For the security and privacy of this massive community, WhatsApp implemented default end-to-end encryption in 2016.

But then, it has come to knowledge that this feature alone isn’t sufficient and as such there are handy tips and tricks to keep your privacy grip even more tightly. Below is a heavenly six-tip list to protect every single letter of your WhatsApp data.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Proper and effective management of WhatsApp Web

Nothing is as wonderful as reading and replying to your WhatsApp messages at the comfort of your sofa over a wide laptop/desktop screen. That explains WhatsApp Web in 3D.

But things could get nasty when doing so on a public computer, you log in and forget to check out and then some stranger comes in and all your messages, pictures, documents and videos are defenselessly sitting there for viewing.

The fact that you only need to sign in once using the QR code makes it easy to forget to log out. Now you know, always check out on public desktops and laptops every time you sign in to your WhatsApp account.

In the same measure, keep a close check on the notification that shows up when the web version is started, someone might have just logged in to your account behind your back.

Activate Two-Factor Verification

WhatsApp data security is nowhere in the neighborhood of perfection without the Two-Factor Verification. There is intolerable amount of SIM cloning today, and it is even worse that the process is so easy. So, if you dearly value your privacy go for this measure, it bars intruders from setting up your WhatsApp Account on their phones, not unless they have your self-set 6-digit passcode.

whatsapp Two-Factor Verification

Remember, this a must-have privacy grip is not enabled by default in the app. To activate Two-Factor Verification go to Account>Security. In there, you can set up your email for reset in case you happen to forget.

Confine your Profile Picture to a given audience

When starting, WhatsApp amassed substantial positive meteoritic reviews thanks to the fact that you can text anyone as long as you have their phone numbers. On the downside, your profile pic is also available for anyone to view not excluding the ill-minded folks.

You don’t have to worry no more because you can always change that, if you didn’t know. Just get to Privacy Settings in your app, under Profile photo, change the default ‘Everyone’ to a safer ‘My contacts’. You can go further to ‘Nobody’ option but then what is the need of setting it up after all, it doesn’t add up logically.

Lock Your WhatsApp

Another nifty WhatsApp security tip is locking your app, of course using a third party app. That option isn’t there in the chat client at the moment. For this job I would go with AppLock app which has attracted more than a million downloads and it allows you to lock (with PIN or pattern) your apps as well as system buttons e.g. Wi-Fi,  Airplane Mode, Bluetooth…

Besides, it’s also a good practice to always lock your Settings, however incredibly it may sound, but someone might uninstall your apps without your consent.

Keep an eye out for scams

There isn’t a proper content monitoring strategy on WhatsApp as for now and that has opened a platform for circulating all manners of rumors, fishy links along with other misleading contents.

This calls for your utmost attention, keep away from forwards asking you to click on links or fill promotion forms, you might be feeding cyber criminals with your esteemed information that they would use to haunt you sooner or later.

Deactivate WhatsApp Account on Lost Device

Deactivate WhatsApp Account on Lost Device

Deactivation of WhatsApp account in an event of losing a phone is equally important as deactivation of SIM. All you need to do is send “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” via mail to WhatsApp support. Ensure you include your phone contact, with the right international format, in the subject section.

There is no option to staying safe nowadays, you better start trying out these tips.