WhatsApp two-step Verification rolling out to Android, iOS and Windows users


Facebook-owned WhatsApp is from today onwards making the two-step verification process available to all users of the chat messenger.

Once you receive this feature, you will be required to enter a six-digit number or rather passcode whenever you attempt to verify your WhatsApp number. This feature has been available to select users as the company has been running tests. But as from today onwards, those using this app on their Android, iOS or Windows phones will now be able to enjoy this security feature as well.

All 1.2 billion users of WhatsApp from all over the globe can now take advantage of this feature, however, the company has decided to disable it by default. As such, using it needs that you first enable it yourself. This is very easy and it can be done via the app’s settings menu. Simply head to Settings>Account and from there you should be able to see the “Two-step verification” option. Tap on it and choose “Enable.” That’s it! Still, WhatsApp will ask you to create a six-digit passcode that will be used when verifying your phone number.

WhatsApp Two-step verification

What the company is simply trying to do for its users is to make it hard for other to get into anybody else’s WhatsApp account without permission. However, the same could happen to you just in case you forget your six-digit passcode, thus, make sure the code you pick is something you can easily remember. The company has created a tool that will help you keep the code fresh in your mind where it will ask you to enter it periodically unless you disable the two-step verification feature altogether.

There is an option to provide WhatsApp with your email address so that it is easy for them to send you an email with a link for deactivating the two-step verification feature just in case you can’t remember the six-digit code. So, make sure you provide one unless you are confident with your passcode and the fact that you won’t forget a thing about it.

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