WhatsApp Down in UK, Europe, Users Jamming Twitter with Complaints

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has recently been in the limelight thanks to rumors that a video calling feature will soon be added to the platform that already offers messaging and voice calling services to more than a billion people across the planet.

However, the app seems to be finding trouble handling the huge number of users on the platform as it has in recent times been hit with glitches from all over. Apparently, there is a scam that has emerged tricking users into downloading a Gold edition of WhatsApp.

Following the emergence of this scam, users have now gone ahead to find themselves unable to send and receive WhatsApp messages. This is not the second time this is happening in a span of just one week, with the app recently going down in Europe. As of now, the inability to send and receive messages on the app is affecting those living in the UK.

Quite a huge number of users took to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to air their grievances, with some even going to the extent of asking whether WhatsApp will refund them for being down.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the busiest app on the planet right now. However, it seems the company is finding it hard to deal with the more than 30 billion messages that are exchanged via the platform on a daily basis – something that was also evident during the outage that saw many unable to use the app on New Year’s Eve.


WhatsApp is free to use app that previously charged users a fee of $0.99 per year in order to keep using it past the first one year of the free trial. After breaking into the scenes as a sheer messaging app, Facebook’s takeover deal that saw more than $19 billion exchange hands, a lot has been coming onboard the app. As mentioned at the beginning, video calling is one such feature that has been rumored to be making its way to the platform, just days after the company availed a fully functional and standalone desktop app.

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