WhatsApp Updates: Media Sharing Limit to Increase, Status Feature on iOS, Android Detailed

WhatsApp Status feature

A lot of things are happening on WhatsApp for iOS, Android and Windows Phone versions.

The app is about to get increased media sharing limit and a broadcast list like feature named Status is now available on beta program.

Whatsapp Media Sharing

The direction the development team of WhatsApp team is heading is not so clear at the moment. However, they have been rolling out a lot of updates and many of them are still available only in the beta version. User testing is mandatory before these features are rolled out on a large scale. The newest update is that the app is about to provide increased media sharing limit for its users. Once the latest version is rolled out, users on iOS, Android and Windows Phone will be able to enjoy increased limit up to 30 from the previous 10. It makes it easier for media junkies and groups to distribute lots of content at once.

For those who are still on limited download 4G or wireless internet connectivity, it would obviously lead to more data being consumed every time you open a message. Make sure to turn off automatic download in your privacy settings rather than downloading a huge collection of 30 photos all at once. Next in the lot is the Status which is very much like the Broadcast list but with very minor changes.

You can create Status groups only with people who have saved your number on their contact list. While Broadcast has a limit up to 256 members, there is no such limit on this new features. The developers have also created an all-new user interface to differentiate these two features. You won’t see Status as a Broadcast list as WhatsApp is handling it as two different features and it can be accessed by using the new UI. All content shared in this will be end-to-end encrypted.

The latest WhatsApp beta version 2.17.6 is available on Google Play beta to download which confirmed that they are indeed going to increase the media sharing limit. The increase will not only take place on Android but on all other platforms as well. A Twitter post from WhatsApp beta confirmed that status messages if deleted from the group will be removed from the recipient’s phone as well. It is similar to revoking the message and they will no longer be able to see it if you delete it at your end.

WhatsApp Status feature

There is no word on when Status feature on WhatsApp will be widely available for users. The beta program may be extended so as to roll out location sharing among other features before it is available for all. The internal video player in WhatsApp for Android 2.17.6 now has a new animation that allows users to hide video controls and watch it hassle free. The user also adds that more interesting changes are coming to WhatsApp for iOS 6.3 when it is rolled out. Status works on iPhone 6 Plus, SE and 6S but does have some bugs which will be ironed out in future patch updates.

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