Whatsapp Updates: New Web Interface and Will Soon Support Voice Calling on iPad


Whatsapp is about to get much bigger and better. 

The developers always provide balanced attention on both iOS and Android version of the app. They are about to introduce voice calling on iPad and the feature is in beta now.

The team behind Whatsapp is rolling out new features in different regions based on their user base. While updates for US and UK are rolled out based on what users would expect in these locales, being able to send payments through the app has become an important feature in countries like Brazil and India. The developers are currently testing the payment setup in India in beta channel and considering the user percentage in the country, they make take more time than usual to roll out the features. Besides, when it deals with real money any kind of bugs or technical issues will not be tolerated by users which further extends the beta period.

Whatsapp Web Interface and Will Soon Support Voice Calling on iPad

For people who often use Whatsapp web, this should be great news as they will soon come across a renewed web interface. When it effectively rolls out, it will be version Vo.2.8299 which brings a brand new login page design, makes it look more materialistic than it already is and will make it easier for web users to easily send or receive messages in an intuitive user interface.

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The information was revealed by WABetainfo, the unofficial Twitter page that is known for bringing updates much earlier to the developer’s announcement. They are known for cracking through the codes found in the app’s beta version and provide updates. While you do have the option to download the beta version of the app before the official version gets launched, it is not advisable to do so as it may have stability and performance issues.

Whatsapp Web Interface Will Soon Support Voice Calling on iPad

Whatsapp for iOS will soon support voice calling, confirmed the latest update. While tablets are a dying breed, the Apple iPad continues to stay relevant and the manufacturer has continued to make changes to keep it selling in the mainstream market. It is also being rumored that the iPad may get video calling support with Whatsapp but credible sources claim the developers are not planning to introduce video calling so early.

The voice calling feature for Whatsapp in iPad is still in its early stages and it may eventually be rolled out once Apple approves the same. The new web interface, however, will be available immediately for most users.

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