WhatsApp Version 2.16.8 for iPhone Features Voicemail Functionality


WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular mobile instant messaging app. As we already know WhatsApp embraced the Voice over Internet Protocol feature, VoIP, which enables users to make cheap calls over the internet.

The latest update brought the rumored voice calling support feature, Voicemail, for both Android and iOS, and it comes barely a week since the Facebook-owned platform received an update with Olympic themed emoji.

While some Android users had accessed the update in beta, iOS owners are having their first experience. The WhatsApp versions sporting the voicemail capability are version 2.16.8 for iPhone and 2.16.229 for Android.

Leaving a message for a recipient who had not answered or rejected a WhatsApp call has evolved tremendously. During the initial stages, the only option available was leaving a text message if your call was rejected or answered, but that changed with the arrival of Voice Message Feature. Voice Message was advanced but not handy as the Voicemail. Then, when your call was unanswered or discarded your Smartphone’s screen would go back to the previous screen. However, WhatsApp Voicemail feature spares you the hassles of going back tapping buttons to record a voice message. Instead, when on a call three icons automatically pop up with Cancel, Call Again, and Voice Message options.

How to use the Voicemail

Using the feature is quite simple; once you see the three options hit on Voice Message option. Once you tap the button a note pops up above the button that reads ‘Hold to record, release to send’. You will then tap and hold the button to record your message. Make sure you don’t let go until you are done after which you lift your finger to send the message. The message you have recorded will appear in your active conversation with the recipient who had rejected or missed your call. You are also able to delete a message in case you change your mind. You do this by sliding your finger to the left while recording. Unfortunately, you will not be able to listen to the message before sending it.

WhatsApp Introduces Voicemail Functionality for iOS Handsets

Voice calling and support for GIFs still expected

WhatsApp developers are reportedly testing video calling feature for the leading mobile messaging app. Mobile phone video calling space is assured of a stiff completion when WhatsApp enters a direct competition with video calling bigwigs, the likes of Skype and FaceTime. Though it has been quite a while since online leakage of screenshots of the video calling feature, we are still patiently waiting. Away from competition, iPhone users may land the feature ahead of their Android counterparts as the leaked images showed the feature working on an iPhone.

Likewise, WhatsApp support for GIFs has been rumored. Even though there is no official mention of the when that will happen, fans are still hopeful of sending GIFs across the platform in the near future.

The updated version for both Android and iOS are available for download. Grab yours from Google Play Store or App Store to enjoy the new functionality.

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