WWE 2K18 is a Completely Revamped Story with Updated Visuals and More

WWE-2K18- announcement

WWE 2K18, the latest game in the WWE 2K series is getting ready for its launch towards the end of this year in October.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the same time. Interestingly, the game will be quite different from its predecessors both in terms of its visuals and features. In a recent meeting with GameSpot, Executive Producer Mark Little spoke about these changes in depth.

One of the primary significant changes that players can expect is the Universe mode. Like the previous version, this mode will be a stimulation of the televised WWE schedule. Gamers can expect much more from this mode and can also be prepared for a horde of surprises that are in tune with the present TV and PPV schedules of WWE. The mode has also moved away from the standard static storytelling strategy that it adopted in the earlier versions.

WWE 2K18 Updated Visuals

The My Career mode of the previous games will find its place in the WWE 2K18 too, but the story followed for this mode will be more serious. Developers have also taken into account players’ criticism of the mode being too rambling. Because of this, the featured story will be more narrative driven and to the point when compared to its prior counterparts. One major reason why this could be is that the mode paves way for the introduction to a new mode called Road to Glory. This could mean that the My Career mode is seeing its end with this upcoming WWE game. At present, there is no information on what the new mode has to offer for gamers.

Like always, WWE 2K18 has not failed to give importance to graphics and visuals. In fact, the game has made it all the more appealing to the masses by making a major revamp to the same. The old graphics engine has been completely reworked on and new visuals have been incorporated. As a result, gamers will be treated to features that focus on physically based rendering, dithered rendering, post-processing effects and new lighting. They will also be exposed to real time reflections and new skin shaders.


The already available creative suite has undergone expansion to add to the thrill of the game. WWE 2K18 will also feature matches and battles with eight men. The Royal Rumble mode has also been heavily revamped to include new mechanics, ladder matches, mixed-gender wrestling, Battle Royale and so on. To add to this, players will be treated to a wide range of win conditions and interactive items. Other expansions include upgrades or enhancements to Create-An-Arena, Create-A-Video and Create-A-Wrestler.

Last but not the least, a lot of effort is being taken to make the static system of the previous game more dynamic by including more possibilities than before. One way the dynamic functionality is being implemented is by the addition of a new position feeding mechanic that helps a gamer to sell his/her position in the match.

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